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Not a workaholic


I am not one of those people who work all the time. Sometimes I will get caught up on a project but I never feel the need to always be at work. That could also be because I have a job, not a career. Even when I had a “career” teaching I never wanted to be working all the time, I just had too much to do, that it felt like I had to be working all the time to exercise get anything done.
Maybe it’s because I don’t have to manage people. I try to build a good foundation for the tasks I’m doing so with a) anyone else can do them with minimal preparation and b) that issues that come up can be handled or at least not ruin all the work that has been accomplished.
I don’t want to be at work all the time. I don’t want a job that I have to take home with me constantly. I say this as I’m working from home. But i know that I don’t have to do this every night or even weekly. Just when the extra time is required, projects few and far between. I try to have high standards for the job that I do so that I don’t have to scramble and I don’t feel rushed for my own fault. I do not see everyone I work with doing this.
I shouldn’t compare my work habits to others, but i do and even though I am stressed out right now, I know it is something that that will pass and it is not something I did to myself.
Really? I hate working from home when there are a million other things I could be doing. I really want to do some school work or talk to Jill who I haven’t been talked to in weeks. Baking bread? I’d rather be doing that.
I don’t want a job where it takes away from the quality of life I have with my family and friends. If that means never having a real career, that’s ok with me, life will have other meaning than what I do for a living.



I don’t want to go back to work at a call center. There are many things that are routine, appealing and safe. Most days I did enjoy being able to work within the little structured environment. I don’t want to get stuck working in a cube farm.

I have come to the conclusion that no one ends up where they intended to be. Our culture as a whole has become more employment oriented then career oriented. It is becoming rare that a person will be in the same job for 30 years. I have had 3 jobs in the past 6 years, never in one place more than two years. But I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up. I believe that is also a new aspect of the culture we live in.

Personally I get bored easily and like living comfortably. I don’t want kids but i like the work life balance that a boring 9-5 job allows for. (Ew I sound too corporate for my liking.)

Ok so I forgot where this was going. I don’t want to go back to working at a call center but it is looking like that will be all I can do without sacrificing other things that are more important.

Rockmehardplace 2


I applied for new account. I got position on new account. I’m thinking of staying. I’ve trained my replacement for the last week and I’m going to feel super horrible about changing my mind last minute. I feel bad just thinking about it.

I’ve become decent work-friends with the person and they were looking forward to taking over for me. I feel like such a jerk.



Today at work they posted new positions for the account I first worked for when moving to NC. I enjoyed this account. I was a supervisor (though badly) QA, workforce fill in and an agent on the phones. I did not hate any position i has while there. I was bored after a while of being on the phones because I was good at what I did. But I also was one of the best at what I did. Since that account I’ve done workforce for another, because I was asked to, I left to finish school and give the teaching thing a try. Now that I am back for the company, had this account been around I would have gone back. It wasn’t at the time so I trained for a different account with ideal hours. It is a sales account though, I do not enjoy being on the phones at all – it makes me want to call out every day. Right now I am more of an admin/secretary. I enjoy this, I have a little bit of everything to do but since I am still billed as a phone agent, I always have fear of having to get back on the phones and try to sell. I suck at selling. When I worked retail back in California I sucked at selling. The manager did the selling and I did the paperwork. I’m good at paperwork.

There is also a supervisor position on the account I work for now. I do not like baby sitting. Adults are just as bad as pre-teens. I have no desire to apply for that position. I was supposed to have talked to my manager today but she never got around to it. I don’t know if I’ll even be approved to apply to my old account, and now I do not know if I really want to. I have time off scheduled for the end of May and the middle of June. There is no way I can work those days. Period. But this also makes me less eligible for being able to transfer anyway.

Go back to a job on the phones that I did not hate with variable hours or stay with the fear of being having to go back on the phones in sales that I hate. I’m stuck. OtherJ is not thrilled with the idea of me having to possible work nights/weekends/holidays. Frankly, neither am I. But what if I have to try and sell again. I know the product, I know the options, but I am not slippery and cannot just sell without thinking about it. I can however give you the black and white options. But thats it.

OtherJ is out of town for work. I’m going to make my stuffed pepper, have some wine, and maybe clean. Tomorrow I might have to make a decision. *sigh*



friend in icu was better today. lungs sound better and drugs might be working.

I had my second interview which was really short. two questions and one didn’t count. I didn’t have any for her. five minutes tops. hopefully I’ll find out the final decison soon. this whole waiting crap is killer.

had to drop otherj’s car at the mechanic again. stupid break lights. so I’m at work early with nothing to do for 20 minutes. ok only 10 left but still. waiting games suck.

Week to date


this week I applied for a promotion with the company I work for. they asked me a total of three questions. why so little?I answered most of the questions they were going to ask in my answer to their first question. one of the interviewers was scrambling to think of more to ask. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.
* I started this post on Wednesday. Since then I learned that the above was a good thing and the interview went well and that I have a second interview on monday at 11am.

this week a good friend went to the hospital with pneumonia. he’s in icu on breathing and feeding tubes. antibiotics are not helping. his body is not fighting off the infection. they have a doctor that works with infectious deseases working with him now and have moved him into a negative preasure room on case he is contagious. they may do a lung biopsy next week and are waiting on tb tests. at least they are planning on him having a next week

right now we’re pony sitting for my aunt. went to the state history museum today and may head into town tomorrow to check things out before we head home. I hope that next weekend we can have a lazy day at home with no running around. at least one of the days. we should also clean house soon. maybe next weekend.

pictures and musings


For reference… please do not give me things that have any religious significance. Really. I appreciate the thought, but donate money to an animal shelter or special Olympics or something that actually shows you’re paying attention.

The past month or so there haven’t been many picture updates – cause we’ve been sick, its been rainy, we had guests, the works. Below its the set from this month. I might post the pictures from stone mountain soon. Other than that we have pictures of the bunny cage building for last month. Lately we’ve had to take it easier cause at stone mountain something weird happened to my knee – when i came home it decided it needed to swell and be useless for a couple days. Then repeated such idiotic things the next couple short hikes… plus 10x the pain. So I’ve taken to wearing a knee brace when we go hiking – Well taken to meaning the next time I’m going to remember to bring it with me.

In work news! I started a new position at work, no more money but it keeps me from falling asleep at work and makes my day go by a million times faster. so WOO..

J2 news, in boot camp, doing well – not as hard as expected so far, will be going to the Gulf Coast for IT training when done with camp.
J3 turned 10 this past week. wow I am old and i need to remember to ship her present.

For those wondering – No, I don’t think we’ll be able to make it north this year. I’m sorry – no real time off this year because of all the trips coming next year. Will be north for a week in September next year though.

Weird things that happened recently: Saw Tom at Ikea. Well I saw him and avoided confrontation by trying to hide behind the visor in my car. Why? I’m not sure anymore. I wish I hadn’t cause I’m ridiculously happy right now and only really have reason to show off. Maybe it was a knee jerk reaction to having not seen or heard from him in two years – when I disconnected the phone line.
Been talking with an old roommate lately. She’s married, one little boy, two little girls baking and sounds the happiest I’ve ever known her. We’ve known each other for 11 years now (damn i feel old), we’ve seen each other through probably the worst parts or some of the worst parts of our lives, and now we’re both in really great places. It’s fantastic!

From Demons

Pictures from this month…
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Back to real life


Finished training. Took a few calls but there were problems with logins and stuff so haven’t had a full day on the phones yet. Drama is going on at work and the boss I came to this account to work with again may no longer be there as of Friday. Along with alot of people from other accounts. I believe a new account is starting soon and I’d like to go there now just to have a new start. Today will be interesting.
Got back to hiking this weekend though. OtherJ has pictures up. I haven’t gotten around to it yet. We cleaned the office a little bit and have lots of papers to burn/toss. Need to get a shredder or something. Maybe take everything over to E’s next month and toss it in the fire pit. 🙂

Rockin the head cold from hell


So I haven’t put up pictures from the last hike with the wild ponies cause I haven’t had the time or energy to weed down the 500+ pictures that i have from that trip. Other J put them up on his site, go bug him. Since then and since I house sat for my aunt I started working again. Though training is really really boring, the people I’m going to be working with seem pretty good. (not as fabulous as my first training class with the company) Other J has been working on a super size bunny mansion with his friend at his friend’s house. The Demons are currently living in the 1/2 bath as to not keep them cooped in their travel cage. And other than the terrible cold making its way through our house things are pretty good. No Hiking updates to speak of because of the illness and house sitting, but there should be some nice pictures next weekend from 1.0s bday extravaganza and possibly a short trip to crowders to warm back up to the hiking. Planning on heading back out to the Pisgah before OtherJ’s mom visits in October.

Hoping to get a nice air mattress or even a cot for OtherJ’s Mom to sleep on when she visits. Hope those are not too expensive. Suggestions?

Job Search


In addition to my normal job search rounds I’ve started looking for internships. Some are paid, some are not, and most are not anywhere near here. Most are also geared toward college students and are offering credit for compensation. I do not need credit. I need something close that looks good on a resume. So there are also volunteer opportunities – which will get me out of the house, might look ok on a resume and will not effect my unemployment. I’m also looking into retail – not actually sales cause I’m terrible at that – but support. Maybe the people who do inventory for large stores or the one who changes the signs and stuff.

customer service =/= sales, if i’m looking for a customer service job i’m not looking to SELL ANYTHING…