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Distance Planning


We’ve been “planning” our wedding since way before we became engaged. Just storing away ideas that we liked because we knew it would happen eventually (he wanted to make the proposal perfect). We’ve had the same general idea for over a year now so we are going with that. It fits us and our lifestyle and our family so it it still a wonderful idea. The problem is that my grandparents are old. Grandma has heart problems and Grandpa is in the early stages of dementia they are both almost deaf. We live 800 miles from them (and the rest of my family) and it is really important that they be there.

I had to call and tell Grandma twice that we were engaged because she didn’t hear me the first time. OtherJ decided though our current plan was great, that it would be more practical to have the wedding where my family is. That would mean that only his family would have to travel (they would have had to anyway) and that Grandma and Grandpa could definitely be there. Since we’d had everything planned out on where now we’re starting over finding a venue.

I recently went to visit my parents who took an entire day to drive me around to take scouting pictures of parks. (Cause they are awesome.) They are going to be by eyes and ears for this alot of the wedding. They’ve even gone out to new destinations while I’ve been back home and sent me pictures to scope out. I am hoping that the rest of my family will do the same on their outings to the area parks this summer when the leaves have return.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

  • Calli! #
  • #
  • Really CLT? I just want to go home. We are in the middle of hour 3 in this delay. #
  • Why must delayed passengers make friends? I need to get my phone charged and a drink #
  • Arg everything is closed. Alright id this plane ever takes off I'll get a drink, there #

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