Monthly Archives: May 2008



Yesterday: The morning started out with Boone’s Cave. Then we went out with A and her brother M to see Prince Caspian and have sushi for dinner. A pretty good evening.

Today: Lazyness all around. Stupid movies on Comedy central, Scrubs, platinum weddings, coffee and grocery shopping, bridezillas. Day dreaming throughout. Good times. Now its homework and dinner time.

Tomorrow is work from 8a-2p then out with G & M.



So Wednesday we joined a gym. Peak Fitness. Our inital sales guy was cool, while filing out paper work he and a new girl joked around with us. The place was cheaper and less intimidating than I’d expected. The equipment was clean and looked well maintained. No duct tape holding seats together. We met one of the personal trainers… he was a steretypical jock. I did not get good vibes from him. I do not think he will be able to teach me anything thing i don’t already know. He may be good for J because he can tell him the way guys need to work out and the things he should be focusing on. Mostly I need to get off my lazy ass and move.  Join w/ J will help with that. I hate feeling alone in my pain while working out.  And I would feel  terrible having him use his CC to pay for it and not using it. Guilt is also a great motivater.

This week we went on Wednesday did some light cardio. Today we’re going again, probably doing more cardio and maybe a little on some of the machines.  Then date night. I like date night. Tomorrow we should be hiking. Hopefully w/ A. We’ll see how things go.

House Hunting


Last Friday we took some time off of work in the middle of the day to look at a house we were thinking about renting. This extended lunch was crazy un-productive. The company never showed, their office was closed for lunch, they never called Boyfriend back… fuckers.

And now we move on to other places to look at.

Mother’s day weekend – which i forgot to post about – is best summed up… here and here. Yes I am that lazy.

Last weekend was Mt. Morrow (see last post for pictures) and working some OT.

This weekend is possibly bonfire at E’s, hanging out with amanda, HOMEWORK… yeah needto get that done.

Today: Look at apartment, get fingerprints done, doctor apt.

House Hunting.


I’m tired and frustrated with house hunting. I’m not looking to buy anything. I’m not looking to pay more than $700… or pay for things I don’t want or need — ie a pool, laundry room, fitness room, playground. I am looking for a cheap 2 bedroom, close to work – my work or his work. I would prefer a dishwasher, but am prepared to not have one (yay for adult boyfriends with dish drying racks). I’ve looked at all the local apartments and looked at the ones near his work. We’re starting to look at renting a house. We drove by and poke around one tonight. Older, inside looked clean/newcarpet. Blinds and outside were older, but in decent condition. Big yard nice neighborhood. J is going to call tomorrow to see if we can catch the property management company next Tuesday to see it.

I will be glad when this is over and if it works out i’m not moving again for a very long time. Something good will have to make me move.

Iron Man


Fabulous and wonderful boyfriend of mine took me to a movie tonight. Iron man. Dad had shown us the trailer way back when at Xmas.
I was very impressed. You have to stay until the very very end of the credits.

Right now we’re drinking Jack and Coke while he compares GTA progress with a friend in Philly. I am happy with my Jack and Coke. I have fish burps from sushi dinner.

Tomorrow we head to G and M’s to hang out and possibly BBQ. I am looking forward to possibly couple friends and people to hang out with that are close to our age. Will post pictures of the weekend later.