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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-27


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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13

  • @patrickklepek everyone I know (who voted) voted against. We are kinda ashamed of the state right now. #
  • .@comicvine We've spent at least the last 30 minutes watching old 3 minute experts. They were genius. Would love to see more. #
  • @garywhitta please do not share this new knowledge on the next tested podcast. Boobs are cool, this made me a little ill. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-06

  • . @GManFromHeck @ComicVine, I enjoyed the ask and ye shall receive segment from last week. The end made me giggle. Keep up the good work! #
  • @Emerald_Jewell love you too! Thanks! #
  • @Emerald_Jewell my neighbors is 35, has 3 kids and doesn't want to deal with his girlfriend's need for affection. #
  • @Emerald_Jewell oh and has a horrible Internet radio station where his call name is after an assault gun. At 2 am. #
  • @Emerald_Jewell we are at dennys! The iHOP was full #
  • @Emerald_Jewell I totally did build my own pancakes. I think I'm still stuffed. #
  • @Emerald_Jewell that is an acceptable question early on, even maybe is a better answer to entertain then not knowing #
  • Playing the #walkingdeadgame #

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