Monthly Archives: April 2008

GTA4 and Shoes


This was taken because i did not believe Jared had gone to work this morning.

Facts:  He signed on at 8:35… only 20 minutes after i got to work. I was late because of traffic – on the same road that he has to travel to work. It normally takes him 45 minutes to get from work to here. I left before him.  He sent me a picture to prove he was not at home waiting for his game to come in.

My shoes came in. I am excited to wear them for real this weekend.

This weekend: No idea what we’re doing.



Today we’re hiking. My shoes did not get here in time… so i am stuck with my old cheap shoes, but since they have served me well in the past they should be alright one more time. My new hiking shoes are these.

They make me happy. They should keep my feet safe when we’re scrambling over rocks and stuff. Will put up pictures eventually. Still working these things out.

work in progress


J is tired of Livejournal – never liked myspace and only keeps it because her family is on there – facebook is mostly useless. SO she exported all of her old LJ entries for back up and has since moved on. Though accounts will likely remain open for the sake of looking at friends and such, other than that it may be pointless.