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Family Update


My student teaching ended 11/7/08, but they asked me to stay on as a sub, so thats what i’ve been doing since then. I’ve had a couple of uneventful days that i could do homework, but other than those i’ve been working. I’ve been in second grade, third grade, 6th grade, 7th and 8th and 9th and 10th and one day i was the PE teacher and added 4th and 5th grade to the classes i’ve had to deal with. Things are good, most of the kids are good.

I think we’re done hiking for the year, its gotten too cold. The good thing is that the last time we went hiking – though I was difficult – it was a nice day and we ended up having fun.
We’re doing thanksgiving on our own this year. Heather called today and I’m going to tell her we have plans. I don’t really want to drive out there and I’d rather do our little odd Thanksgiving we have planed. The menu: Subs, mashed potatoes, cornbread, veggies, and pumpkin pie.

We’re set to meet mom and dad and Littlest J in December. We’ve been working out regularly, I think i might have convinced the other J to do yoga at home with me. His mom’s birthday is tomorrow and I helped with the present. I’m not done with my school work because I’ve been working, but I’m close and should be done at the end of this week. There are only two school days this week which gives me Wednesday all to myself to do school work… or procrastinate…

we cleaned the house today. I looked through all my evaluations and woops… someone forgot to fill in all the boxes on one of my observations. They made comments but did not check the damn box… this makes graduating longer.

Feeling Useless today.


Today, and yesterday, i feel pretty useless. I did some homework yesterday, made dinner, cleaned the bunny cage and went to the gym, that was about it. Today i want to be more productive. I want to wash the sheets and the couch cover. I want to clean off the kitchen table, just in case we get guests this week. I want to get an assignment done for school.

I’m tired of and just want to be done with school. Currently i am adding things to my amazon wishlist… why…. cause I dont feel like being productive for another 50 minutes.



1) You’re not wrong for not believing the same things i do. You are wrong for being a hypocrite.

2) You are not wrong for voting differently than I do. You are wrong because you are willfully uneducated and not making an effort to look up the facts.


I finished student teaching last week. This week I have been subbing. Money of any sort at this point is good. I’m looking for something full time, but first i need to finish my work for my degree. This weekend I want to be done.

Thanksgiving this year will probably be at home, nice and quiet. With pie and pizza… i might go out and do the turkey thing… we’ll see how it goes.

Recipes are welcomed!



harlotte teachers disciplined for Facebook posts ::

Since this is something that most of us – teachers or not – will have to deal with… Discuss, facebook/myspace/social networks and blogs and their affects on your employment.

Personally, I am uncomfortable with the fact that as a teacher, I am held to a higher standard of morality. I do not like the fact that I must censor myself. I’m still coming to terms with it. Its harder for me to deal with being a teacher and that extra level of ethics/morality. In other jobs I can other stand being watched out for to see if you will steal trade secrets or let out design flaws or something, but – in general – if you post a picture of yourself that may be questionable, your entire career is not called into question. Mine could be.

Election Day 2008


In NC we have early voting. So I got it out of the way on Saturday after waiting 2.5 hours. I was much more likely to vote for you if you were braving the cold with me that morning.

40% of registered voters in NC has already voted before today. This is the first elections that I’ve really given a damn about. Its the first one that I’ve really thought would matter. I feel better knowing that my vote will cancel out one person who does not have the ability to see they are not brilliant in their decision making.

I’m keeping up with the election tonight. For right now I’m doing homework.

MTV blows for the most part, but they have always been up on the voting.  People who have never really had much interest are voting this year.