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Grad school, again


I think I’ve all but given up on finding an online grad school program that I like but is also accredited and doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Now I’m looking at the local university. The two programs that seem interesting History and religious studies — neither of which would be useful beyond being interesting to me. I wish i enjoyed things that could lead to better employment in the long run. Those things tend to be boring though. Tuition is per semester and depending on how many credits that you take. Which is nice, and potentially cheaper than any other program I’ve looked at.

I don’t have a good reason that I’m looking into grad school, maybe I’m just not used to being out of school yet and need something to worry and focus on. Work I can leave at work, not any pressure there. Nothing to worry about at home.




I don’t think I have one. I like lots of things, but nothing really sticks out that I’m drawn. By now shouldn’t I have figured something out that I’m really into and least something that I’m really into for more than a day or two. I’ve been looking into grad school (again) and nothing pops out at me as something I’d like to spend that much money for. Grad school is damn expensive. it will not be happening until i make more money as it is, but i am also cheap and do not want to spend that kind of money on something i don’t want to dive head first into. Not again at least.

so far i’ve looked into grad programs for:

1) law (intellectual property law to be specific), just an MS nothing that prepares for actual practicing of it…

2) animal behavior, which is surprisingly bare in the local and online markets – lots of online vet tech programs if you want your associates though – nothing local for anything animal related really —

3) history, also surprisingly bare

4) Library studies – not so bare, not sure if i’d care enough though –

5) religion, though i cannot find anything that does a well rounded program on religions not just Christianity/ministry — most of which are brought to you by Liberty University

Everything is just so bleh… I’ll give up on it for now and hope something hits me one day, along with enough money to pay for it. 🙂

Family Update


My student teaching ended 11/7/08, but they asked me to stay on as a sub, so thats what i’ve been doing since then. I’ve had a couple of uneventful days that i could do homework, but other than those i’ve been working. I’ve been in second grade, third grade, 6th grade, 7th and 8th and 9th and 10th and one day i was the PE teacher and added 4th and 5th grade to the classes i’ve had to deal with. Things are good, most of the kids are good.

I think we’re done hiking for the year, its gotten too cold. The good thing is that the last time we went hiking – though I was difficult – it was a nice day and we ended up having fun.
We’re doing thanksgiving on our own this year. Heather called today and I’m going to tell her we have plans. I don’t really want to drive out there and I’d rather do our little odd Thanksgiving we have planed. The menu: Subs, mashed potatoes, cornbread, veggies, and pumpkin pie.

We’re set to meet mom and dad and Littlest J in December. We’ve been working out regularly, I think i might have convinced the other J to do yoga at home with me. His mom’s birthday is tomorrow and I helped with the present. I’m not done with my school work because I’ve been working, but I’m close and should be done at the end of this week. There are only two school days this week which gives me Wednesday all to myself to do school work… or procrastinate…

we cleaned the house today. I looked through all my evaluations and woops… someone forgot to fill in all the boxes on one of my observations. They made comments but did not check the damn box… this makes graduating longer.

3 Weeks Left


I finish teaching my 6th graders this week. They take my last test on Wednesday, i have to have their tests graded by monday to put on their report cards.

The 28th I’ll be observing a HS teacher, and then taking over his class for the last two days of that week. I have no idea what i will be doing the last week i am there.

My last day is Nov. 7th. I should start looking for a job. I do not think i will be able to find anything in a school for a while as all the jobs i see right now are for schools far far away and this area is flooded with students from the university.



Your Autumn Test Results

You are a dynamic, vibrant person. You aren’t afraid to pursue your passions.

When you’re happiest, you are outgoing and expressive . You love celebrations, and you enjoy showing off a little.

You prefer change to come slowly. You need a long transition period when your life changes.

You find solitude to be the most comforting thing in the world. Being alone with your thoughts feels very peaceful.

Your ideal day is active and full. You like to keep busy with your favorite things, and you appreciate a routine.

You tend to live in the moment. You enjoy whatever is going on, and you don’t obsess over the past or future.

School started for me over a month ago. I did the beginning of the year professional development. The first days of school… and the beginning of the book we have for geography. Now, I’m planning/teaching all of the geography lessons (this is our social studies lessons at this time). I love that I’m teaching something that I am not great in. I love that I have to find ways to teach something so boring that the kids might actually pay attention to. Thus far I’ve won some and lost some. My host teacher has stolen a lesson plan from me and she’s interupted a lesson to tell me what was wrong with it. My time student teaching is half over.
I am greatly unsure at times about my HT. We had a parent email us some information about the Autumn Equinox and that her child may mention it at school because it is what they were celebrating at home. My HT seemed outraged… or rather… ignorant… I didn’t know what to do. My spin on it to her was that at least the parent (who looks like very stereotypical white trash) was active in her son’s education and wanted to make sure that he was taken care of in school. I wish I was more involved with my… beliefs but I am not. I do not have time to be at this point.  But I do not appreciate that sort of reaction to information regaurding someone else’s faith. Tomorrow I’m going to try and find a leaf for the kid or something harvesty.
My kids are not going to like me soon. I have their next chapter outlined. This will not be fun for them.