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I’m laying here in bed typing this on my phone, which in itself is a big indication of how lucky I am. but I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am lately. I don’t have a want for anything, really. maybe to see family more but nothing else I can think of.
I have a job that I don’t dread waking up for, I can pay my bills, and as of December first I have health insurance. I’ll be able to take time off work in may and June to go to Kris/Trent’s wedding then Matt/Marie’s and spend a little time with family. I live in a nice apartment and have healthy animals. We are comfortable with our lives and even spoiled. 75% of the year we are able to spend our weekends hiking in the mountains and stand 6500 miles above sea level looking out over NC, and parts of TN and VA.
We see things and explore places that few people are able to. Normal every day people don’t get to for various reason. Days where I’m standing in the sun, looking out over the ground thousands to feet below and unless someone is talking louder than is necessary, I feel like we’re the only people on the planet. Being able to sleep in until we really wake up, and then stay in bed just being make me feel the same way. Isolated and comfortable to just… be. Days when I can only feel lucky.

Holiday Musings


this revolt the last few years against happy holidays makes me want to punch people. Really? you’re going to get pissy over someone being nice to you? People are jerks the rest of the year and the month where they tone it down and actually try to be nice you’re going yo get cranky over which phrase comes out?
part of me wanted to dress the bunnies up like baby Jesus and an angel and put happy kwanza on ou X-mas cards. I didn’t. mostly because I respect that my religious family does celebrate the Christmas. I on the other hand don’t see much more than a fun family tradition that promotes being good to each other for a whole month. that and the whole giving presents thing gives me a reason to shop all I want without feeling bad cause I’m spending money on other people.
We’re not religious. We just aren’t. But I appreciate family and love when everyone is packed in the house stumbling over each other. I will take whatever happy greeting I can get. I will respect that not everyone under the sun celebrates Xmas – even in my area there are a lot of people who don’t. When I say goodbye on the phone at work the most you’re getting out of me is to have a good day.

I found this link today that seems to be comparable: Christmas

Holiday Cards will be mailed soon.

Xmas tree pictures!