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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26


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500 days of summer makes me want to punch a bitch in the face.

Seriously who invites the ex you know is still into you to your engagement party and not tell them the reason for the party.

Punch a bitch in the face.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

  • Coffee maker shopping at kohls. We'll see how well labor day weekend shopping goes. #
  • Coffee maker aquired now hair cuts for @photosandtext and looking at a new gym for the off season. No luck with shoes. #
  • Coffee maker – check, hair cut – check, new shoes check, even found a gym we like. What a productive day. 🙂 #
  • Reason for need of new shoes. New new nice work flats but not ballet-type flats for the winter. #
  • Thinking about hitting the local greenway today and seeing town. #
  • I heart my new shoes. #
  • I will throw away all your unsolicited religous papers that are left in the bathroom.I will not pee on them because I like our maintence ppl #
  • dear uterus. go away. we would be happier if you would not cause so much fuss. no love. me. #
  • @dcorsetto ultimate shower = hand held shower head and 15 minutes alone not feeling creepy orgasming at the parents'? #drunktweet in reply to dcorsetto #
  • @dcorsetto @jephjacques I think I'd hyperventilate and pee myself when I passed out in front of your booths if I was there. in reply to dcorsetto #

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We’ve started back on this eating better and not being such lumps. Planning on joining a gym before the month is out, but I want to get this whole eating better thing started so it is more effective when we are working out more regularly. Updated by account with current information – helps that they now have an iphone app. Added the last few days of eating to the log and we’re off and running. I’m also going to try and pre-plan our meals so we can shop for healthier things with Really looking for veggies that OtherJ will eat. We already have salad once a week – soup once a week and mostly eat ok but really need to cut down on our cheesy garlic bread intake. That might be killing this whole eating better thing.

We’re really looking to get in better shape for hiking next season. This season there have been more rained out days than normal, so we were looking for an alternative to use on rain days and when the weekends are getting colder. We need new sneakers and a new gym mostly. A couple new articles of clothing couldn’t hurt but mostly shoes and a place to go. The place we are looking at has tvs on their treadmills and bikes – which should keep me occupied and less bored. Hopefully that will keep me entertained – which is the hardest part for me, its all soooooooo boring.

My real goal? 15 lbs and my knees to stop feeling like they are going to snap in half. OtherJ’s goal 15 lbs and not to feel so winded on our first hike of the season (plus to add a couple more miles to our regular hikes). That shouldn’t be so hard to get done in 4-6 months. That should be simple actually. I hope we stay interested.