Monthly Archives: February 2015

Jar of good things.


It was a nice idea I had at the beginning of the year, to write down all the  things that happen to us and put them in a jar to look at later. Later could be when we feel crappy or at the end of the year or something. I got cool pens and paper for it and had a jar all ready.

Yeah that didn’t happen. I don’t live life with paper much anymore. I don’t print things I do have to or buy books if I can get an electronic version cheaper or similar price. Even at work, I use the task list in Outlook and only keep one paper to do list. So stopping to write down things on paper that I will only throw away later is not in my best interest. But posting shit here is.

Today I’ll start a good things tag and this will be my jar. Let me start my listing the things over the last couple months, in no particular order.

New apartment is awesome and we are settled to move in May.
I have a project with J2 that is shaping up to be rad.
I signed up for a full membership with a fitness group that I really enjoy.
New apartment has a gym so we can cancel that membership in may.
OtherJ has found a morning routine he digs and has new muscles to show off.
2016 will be the year of the puppy.
We will be getting a small tax return.