Monthly Archives: August 2008

Interesting things


So.. .Canada… actually a monarchy… and Queen Elizabeth… is Queen of 16 independent nations.

OK… so facebook flair… a button that says “If Obama wins, Hello Canada”. Does this make sense to ANYONE else? Even if he does win, Canada is WAY!!!! more liberal than he could ever make the US… it just does not make sense to me…

Oh and first/second cousins and the random removals… difficult to understand kind.. but informational.

student teaching


this week is all “professional development” and since i’m working at at charter school… its all planning and team building. some of it is very helpful… some of it.. not so much.. especially since i will only be here 12 weeks.
I dont know how my 12 weeks is going to go because… the first week and a half is with no kids.. so i think i need to jump in right away.. but i dont know how that will go…
i am exhausted

Babies.. again..


My cousin is pregnant. She is the first one of us steps to get pregnant. (I was born in 84, she was 85, her sister is 86, my sister is 87.. we were close growing up) She’s practically married with out all that legal or planning stuff. Her boyfriend is wonderful. He really fits into our family. We have no problem claiming him. They just moved back from the UP back down to troll land and closer to family.

I’m crazy happy for them. They are definitely the one of us that are most prepared and adult for this type of thing. Her sister is married, but is working on being married. I’m working on school and waiting on the baby thing – working on getting to married part (how about next Thursday?) My sister.. well as much as i love her… she’s no where near ready to grow up.. and that’s a good thing… she is only 21… she doesn’t have to be a real grown up yet.

Part of me is jealous. Logically I want a few more years to go by, to be done with school, for other J to have a job he loves or at least enjoys more, I want to be married and have a good job. I want to be mostly out of debt and working on paying off student loans. I kinda hate not being around for all this stuff. My best cousin being pregnant, my friends getting married, These are the few times I get homesick.

I love where things are right now.