Monthly Archives: August 2008

you confuse me



So we went and looked at the first video… and his discription.. and still confused.. Care to enlighten us?

You’re listening to a song and video taping yourself listening to that song? Any meaning to this or are you just falling asleep on camera? Cause i know it was like 4am when you did this.



My camera died. One day it worked fine… and the next the lens wouldnt come out …. it wouldnt show past pictures… it just laughed at us.

so we got a new camera

and then there was this…

what is wrong with this picture?

Anyway… So … packing yeah… i hate packing.

Tomorrow i meet with my clinical supervisor, Wednesday with my host teacher, then sign the lease… because the city needs a copy of the first page of the lease in order to give us useful things like power, water and … other necessities. Thursday is more packing and the gym, hopefully going to see the host teacher again and help set up the room. Friday is all packing and moving . Saturday… moving, all day.

Monday is day one.