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Election 2016


Maybe I’m an idealist or too optimistic about this. Maybe I want so badly to believe that DT will just walk about with his middle fingers in the air and the Republican party and he’s just been a troll this whole time. He’s a liar we all know that. Maybe he will end up being crazy liberal in his actions. As long as he doesn’t resign as soon as he gets sworn in (cause DT is an idiot but MP is Satan) we might last 4 years without plummeting into a firey apocalypse . 

Election 2016


​Well I feel a sense of mourning and sick to my stomach. Because even if DT decides to be sworn in and immediately resign, Mike Pence is a much scarier option with real support in our majority Republican controlled House and Senate.  I feel like our country has decide to show its true nature as a sexist, racist bigoted dumpster fire. 



I wonder what people’s reactions will be to Bernie Sanders during election  time. Since he is just another old white guy, will racists be confused and vote for him anyway.

I am also skeptical of Hillary Clinton. While I would like a woman to be president, I am not convinced about her specifically. I’d much rather Elizabeth Warren at this point, but she isn’t running.



This year, I voted over a week ago. At the last presidential election I waited in line for a couple hours in the cold with my gloves and mittens through a winding line along the city side walk. I was not going to miss it. I love that my state allows for no questions asked early absentee voting. I’ve voted against Amendment 1. I try to pay enough attention to make my voice heard.

I remember voting for the first time at a church in my home state, on the way back home from the airport after a visit across the country. I remember that my family was so excited for me to be voting for the first time. I have friends who are very active in my home state’s political arena. I love that the people in my life are involved and are about the process.  I once dated someone who didn’t care about it and didn’t see the point. This still boggles my mind.

I am mildly excited in participating in the potential Facebook peer pressure of the “I voted” button tomorrow.
I am excited that I have friends that have voted for the first time this year, and have even a small interest.
The true civic process of participating in my government makes my heart happy. And to know that however small, I might still have a voice in the process is a good feeling. I live in a swing state. Every little vote counts. Every little vote always counts.

A Political Post


My immediate family is pretty liberal – not crazy liberal – but certainly gay rights, civil liberties, and religious freedom liberal. My siblings and I have grown up this way, so it boggles my mind to see anything different. I just do not understand any other way. Though this story focuses on my Grandpa, I whole heartedly believe that my Grandma also made this journey before she passed away. One of my favorite memories is her making sure that one of her frammed basketball cards (Grandma LOVED her sports) was out front and center for when openly racist family visited.

My dad posted this on facebook. I am very proud.

We moved to [small town] when I was 11…. We came out on weekends from [larger urban city] to go fishing. My sister had moved here a few years earlier, but that wasn’t really a factor because that hadn’t really worked out and she spent a lot of time with us in [larger urban city] anyway.
The biggest reason we moved from [larger urban city] to [small town] was because there were no black people in [small town]. None. Not one.
My dad was from Texas, Mom from Alabama. They couldn’t help it, it’s what they knew. Dad had a number of coworkers who were black, and he liked them, but in his mind there was a difference between black PERSONS and black PEOPLE. And to be fair, in the late 60’s, early 70’s, regardless of who was to blame, there was a lot of tension in places like [larger urban city]. Maybe [small town] was indeed safer.

Cut to 1995, 22 years later. (although it seems like 50). A fly-in fishing trip to a remote cabin in Canada, the group including Dad and a friend from work, who happened to be black. There were discussions, some a little uncomfortable because Dad was struggling a little bit with his past, I think, and ultimately mutual respect. I remember my friend, late at night in the dark of the cabin when we were all in our bunks, “This is for you Buddy” followed buy a beautiful rendition of an old country song. He had a nice voice.

Cut to 2008 when my dad, in probably his last political act, voted for Barack Obama as President of the United States.

What’s the point? Today Mitt Romney was in [small town], my town. He has evidently failed to make the journey my Dad managed, even given that it should have been a shorter one for them. If he’s not a bigot, he’s worse, because he’s acting like one to get a vote, to become President because it’s “his turn”. And in my town, at [Local Farm] people cheered him. And for the first time I’m ashamed at having grown up here.

I live in the south. I live in the bible belt. Having been raised in a family that comes from the south somethings are very familiar, but others still suprise me. Open racisim is still a thing – maybe not out in public – but certainly in a group of “like minded” individules. (Read this as white people.) I have never experianced this personally. While in the south I have only worked in places that were ethnicly and culturally diverse, so when I hear that this kind if thing still happpens I’m still suprised. It makes my heart sad and I really cannot wrap my head around the thought process.

On a simliar vein, I found this while being lazy on the internet this morning. Hugh Hefner wrote an article for his magazine Playboy about Sexual Freedom. My favorite quote “Today, in every instance of sexual rights falling under attack, you’ll find legislation forced into place by people who practice discrimination disguised as religious freedom.”

Where I live now has a decent sized gay population. Things that give me hope are times when I overhear conversations like this. At least its a step in the right direction.
Person 1: “I think I’m going to vote NO on that amendment.” (large amendment to state constiution against gay marriage)
Person 2: “Wow that seems awfully liberal for you. I’m suprised.”
Person 1: “I don’t agree with it [gay marriage], but its not my place to say they can’t get married if they love eachother.”

Election Day 2008


In NC we have early voting. So I got it out of the way on Saturday after waiting 2.5 hours. I was much more likely to vote for you if you were braving the cold with me that morning.

40% of registered voters in NC has already voted before today. This is the first elections that I’ve really given a damn about. Its the first one that I’ve really thought would matter. I feel better knowing that my vote will cancel out one person who does not have the ability to see they are not brilliant in their decision making.

I’m keeping up with the election tonight. For right now I’m doing homework.

MTV blows for the most part, but they have always been up on the voting.  People who have never really had much interest are voting this year.

Am I really that liberal?


I believe in morals, but necessarily any one train of thought.

I believe in basic human decency and non-discrimination as long as it is not hurting anyone.

I believe in marriage for everyone who wants it.

I believe a family is a loving environment however that may end up forming.

I didn’t used to think that I was very liberal… but now I’m not so sure.