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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

  • @MotorCityVicki it would be on twitter if it had. Nothing exciting to report 5 minutes ago. #
  • @Emerald_Jewell man two wedding weekends in a row? Busy girl #
  • @Emerald_Jewell me too! We're much cooler 😀 #
  • OMG WE'RE GETTING MARRIED moment #1 @photosandtext and I ran into our bedroom to just look at our rings. I was not allowed to try mine on. #
  • @garywhitta we tried these the other day and they were awesome. And Hilah is hilarious! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22


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Today is 5 years since we officially started dating. Though we’d been seeing each other for about 6 weeks beforehand. In a little over two weeks we are officially getting married. Some days it seems like no time has really passed at all (as in time flies) and others it feels like I’ve know him forever and we’ve grown into this symbiotic blob. Neither are a bad feeling when I stop to think about them. Often in a weird ways they are both comfortable and exciting all at once.

One of my biggest worries about our wedding day is getting all ugly cry-face and not being able to speak because I’m hyperventilating all over my pretty dress and new shoes. This is a worry because he deserves to have his new wife articulate how awesome he is coherently to their loved ones. (even if they really already know, it’s hard to miss) I know everyone will understand the ugly cry-face and some may get a little weepy as well. Weepy in this case is good for you.

So while I’ll probably not be able to be understood I will be meaning…

“I love you. I’m so happy to be getting married to my best friend. And I can’t wait to continue to experience life with you.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15

  • Ew crotch sweat #
  • Why do people feel the need to type in all caps? It makes my eyes hurt. #
  • @Emerald_Jewell and pale, they show up better on the "fair skinned" ore pastey ones 🙂 #
  • The bathroom at work smells like butts and melon. Gross. #
  • @Emerald_Jewell if you actually do it it does have good results. A friend did the version below P90X. #
  • . @comicvine liked the "best in" last week. Have fun at #sdcc #
  • The #BBCNews body fat calculator says that I'm most like someone from Papua New Guinea #fatcheck #
  • @Emerald_Jewell no its about 50k,if you take two weeks of unpaid vacation #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-08

  • My master plan is to make this "party" as stress free as possible that includes the planning & prep. It's a day I want to enjoy and remember #
  • @Emerald_Jewell never, cause that doesn't even make sense #
  • Poor non actor @willsmith, today would probably be a good day to stay off twitter. Or the day you're super thankful for lists. #
  • Dear lady also going to the restroom. Back the fuck up! You do not need to be on my heals to our destination. #
  • @Emerald_Jewell you may want to remember to rsvp to the wedding in august as well. Cause you can do it on line & it takes 2 seconds #
  • @Emerald_Jewell remind your people's too. #

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Thirty days



Ok that’s the most wedding-y picture I have available that isn’t actuality part of wedding surprises.

We have 30 days left until the “big day”. I feel like I should be more stressed, or maybe just more outwardly stressed. Instead I know I’m clenching my teeth at night because my jaw is starting to hurt. I have a plan and that makes things better but I can’t sleep at night because i’m double checking the list in my head for things I can’t forget. During the day I’m not breaking out into hives or losing my hair so I count that as a win.

I feel patronized when I talk about the wedding. They talk about being a “bride”. Really, I’m planning a party. I’d much prefer to go with “hostess”. The wedding stuff is the easy part about this whole time. Wonderful OtherJ, witnesses, master of ceremonies for the ceremonial part, words to say in front of everyone, warm and squishy words for his eyes only, and a party at the end.
I feel like bride is a derogatory word at this point. Apparently people grow another head or sprout horns when they are engaged. Maybe it has to do with the horrible notion of a wedding being the “bride’s day”. No. We have had equal input and equal responsibility through this planning process. I’m better at making lists (or adapting them) and setting up the organization, but i suck at making a decision.

Though I have not heard words about it, I am sure that we will get all sorts or talk because we’re moving into a house now. Yes we are getting married and moving to an adult house. We are renting a house . It happens to be after a long battle with noisey neighbors and an extra long drive to work. But because we are also getting married there is some chatter.

We have gotten the “when are you having kids?” and “you’ll understand when you have kids.” Some days it is harder than others not to laugh at these questions. No plans for babies, active plans to prevent babies at all costs.

We are down to thirty days until the party and official ceremony. I’m ready and we can do this. I’m also ready to get on with life and find a new project to play with. I think I’ll be ok with just going back being a person, potentially with a different name.