We bought and indoor bike. Not a Peloton, but one with classes, mountain bike courses, guided tours, and all the other non cycling stuff. I was skeptical because in the past all home workout equipment has become a clothes rack. We set it up yesterday. It is a room that stores our camping gear and workout stuff. No clothes, no distractions, just workout stuff. I’ve been working out in the room since we moved in, yoga, barre, hiit and body weight stuff.

Today I took my first ride. The seat is awful. I will not be surprised if i have bruises tomorrow. I’m sure it was meant for spin class, which is the less interesting part of the bike. We bought a new seat. The ride itself was fun. I just did a beginner ride, only 17 minutes, nothing intense. And it was a cute little trip in the snow in Alaska with sled dogs. Once we get the better seat I’ll try longer rides, but this went by pretty quickly. It was nice to have something to look at that matched the inclines and terrain.

I probably won’t become a spin class type person but I am looking forward to doing another ride. Maybe eventually we’ll get real bikes.

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