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In other news…


Last Sunday 4.19.09 – we spent at least TWO HOURS looking at phones before I decided to get an iphone. TWO HOURS… that is way too long to be debating a phone. I wanted a full keyboard and a big screen (preferably touch screen). The phones i went to look at were less than expected. In the end it was between the blackberry bold and the iphone… iphone won because it was cheaper and will be updated in june to the the horizontal keyboard. Its taking me a little bit to get used to not having real buttons.

Thursday we went to the “This American Life” live event at the movie theater… it was really cool. Joss Whedon sang… kinda funny.

Saturday – hiking –

Hanging Rock 0409

. Hiking ended up being an all day event that started out… flawed. It ended up nicely and like normal… but wow was the morning messed up.
1) We forgot our digital camera at home and did not realize it until we had already driven at least an hour.
2) We drove to VIRGINIA before realizing that I had picked the wrong freeway.
3) More wrong turns because I was paying more attention to the podcasts than to the road.
4) Its 87 degrees outside, we brought along extra water. I’m not used to so much water. I just got a bigger camelbak this year so I hadn’t had to carry 4 liters of water and an ice pack before. My back did not like this. The steep inclines in the beginning hurt really bad.
5) On the top of the massive rock there were loud annoying children screaming about how it was cool to throw things over the side of the rock. I hate people. They should have become human sacrifices but Other J would not let me.

After the new part of the trail we went to the part of the trail we knew we liked and were not disappointed. Took some pictures with our disposable cameras acquired at the gas station on the way, had lunch and a nap and the hiking trip ended well.

Came home watched some x-files and went to bed.

Today – Lunch with 1.0 and Jeff, ran some errands, took a nap, and now we’re down to business.



When you are failing class because you have not turned ANYTHING in… this is your fault. This is not my fault. It is not my fault if you forget it in your backpack – it is not my fault if you cannot find it – it is not my fault if you forget it at home. I don’t even check until the end of the day most times… so you could slip it in at almost any point and I wouldn’t notice.

How did you get my phone number? I find this call to be an invasion of privacy. It is Sunday, my day off. 1) I have no idea how you got my phone number 2) I hope you were not trying to ask me about homework that you’ve had for a month. 3) I hope it was your sister trying to tell me something work related, because if not I’m going to be screaming at someone for giving out my number. 4) why didn’t you leave a message?



I’m really dreading going back to work. I’m unmotivated to finish anything work related. I’m having nightmares about work. I don’t want people just showing up and disrupting and criticizing and in general make me feel like I’m failing. I feel like I’m drowning as it is 90% of the time. 61 days until I can look for a job that doesn’t involve taking everything home. I want a job where i can leave work at work. I just don’t have the motivation to work without getting paid.



Ok so in theory I get the whole organized religion thing… I get the whole Jesus thing… but when that is every other word out of your mouth that makes me think you have no real life… at all. For instance – if you were talking about getting people organized and involved in worthy charities – if you were out there actually helping people – if you were even hanging out with people you met at church – I would have much more respect for you. This is not the case. From what I can see you don’t actually do anything. You have no cause. This isn’t bad in itself, as I have no purpose at this point in time. I have no desire to help people and when this job is done I’m going back to my boring selfish life. But I’m not rabid about the Jesus. I’m not telling everyone they need to be rabid about the Jesus too. Really, I like the JWs better because at least they reserve it for one day a week and I don’t need to hear them every thirty seconds.

Edit: its not like its a magic word…its the fact that dont insert it wherever for no real reason… in places that it doesn’t make sense… It seems fake and the whole thing loses meaning. All talk and no action doesn’t do anyone any good.

At this point I’m thrilled to be living my nearly religious free existence. This makes it easier to be pro-choice, in favor of rampant gay marriage, and living with someone I’m not married to. Speaking of which… one flesh… bullshit. I’m getting married by a raging lesbian in a fiercely Buddhist or pagan ceremony… naked… (ok maybe not naked). The whole concept has changed a million times over the years. NOW… for me… I’d rather be in a partnership – still two people with two identities but working towards a common goal.