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Yesterday we cleaned out our office. Well no cleaned out… more like consolidated the boxes that we haven’t unpacked because we don’t have shelves to put the books on or put the computer equipment on. So we packed them up into better areas and lined the walls so we could blow up an air mattress of our house guest. It looks a million times better and i could put out some of my paintings and pictures on the window ledge that looks out onto main hall of the building… ok well it looks out onto this weird roof thing around the stairs in the building… but people have tossed trash up there so we keep the blinds closed. Actually the only blinds we keep open are the ones on the ledge that the bunnies can use… they have a view of the parking lot.

Anyway. We cleaned, today we are spot cleaning, vacuuming, tossing the empty boxes and trash, and doing the last minute shopping things that we need to do before our house guest arrives. We’ve been sick this last week, so all of this stuff could have been done yesterday, but though otherJ is getting better I’m not… I’m drugged up. And I’m not convinced that the medicine I’m taking is non-drowsy. Cause I have the drunk eyes but without the drunk/loud mouth.

Our house guest, our first house guest to stay the night with us, is OtherJ’s dad. I am nervous. Not because its a big step in the relationship – which it is, but that I was prepared for. Its the meeting new people thing… i hate meeting new people… blah blah blah all people are new until you get to know them… you know what? bite me. This is my house, this is new people staying in my house. I have to play hostess, which i have only done… ONCE before, for my parents – i know them it doesn’t count… and maybe when Amanda visited for dinner… but she didn’t stay the night. OK. so good hostess for the next few days. I am looking forward to meeting his dad. I think this will be a good visit.

The difference between Men and Women

Silent Hill 5 “Homecoming”


I suck at video games. The most I’ve played is Zelda – the original one- I was 5 when I got that. I played it on my old laptop as well, I still sucked. That is until Jared. I played Katamari one night with him. Got frustrated and gave up.

I wanted to see the new Silent Hill, Jared didn’t want to play it, so we got it anyway and now I’m playing it. I still suck. But thats ok.

Notes for silent hill 5:

Spider monster things – guns work

nurses – guns or lead pipe, knife sometimes

Sepulcher Boss — run bitch run….

Parental visit


This month is busy for us. Last weekend i finished school and we went out with friends. This weekend we are meeting parents in not to far away town. Next weekend otherJ’s dad is staying with us. Then… we have a week and a half.. to do nothing.

Today is packing day. It was also dismantle the old bunny cage day. It was two stories, now it is one. and life will be much easier traveling with them now. Their home cage is clean, their travel carrier, cage, bowls, waterbottle and toys are clean. Laundry and dishes are done. Toiletries are packed. Clothes are NOT packed. I still need to shower, but cannot do so until the new laptop gets here OR other J gets here… whichever comes first.

Noodle has fallen in love with chewing on little letter blocks.