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Xmas 2011


Communicating with family. I’m not sure what it is but I’d much rather be with my family on the holidays rather than have to muddle through a phone call. Especially with my aging grandparents who are fantastic but in their mid 80s. They can’t hear well, Grandpa is in the early stages of dementia and Grandma is kind of a passive aggressive downer. I love my grandparents, but it is a struggle for me to get through a phone call with them. I guess I should give them a call, dinner is in an hour and at least I’ll set myself up with a reason to not talk too long.

This year we didn’t put up our big xmas tree, didn’t decorate, didn’t send out cards, we just weren’t feeling it this year. We did presents this morning and they were good. We put a tiny pretty wire tree, made cookies, watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” and did all the things that make today feel warm and fuzzy since we can’t head up north this year. But just not feeling as into it as usual.

2007 was the last time my family was all together on Xmas. Sometime we should do that again. With one sister in the the Navy and us not near the family either its a but harder to coordinate. Hopefully next summer we can get everyone in the same place at the same time before sister is stationed over seas.

Christmas 2007

Plus 1 for today.


(03:42:51 PM) OldFriend From hometown: dreamed last night I was at your parents house except they lived on top of a hill with a huge back yard. and as I was driving there, the northern lights started. so you, me, and your sisters all ran outside where your dad was setting up a telescope. and we danced and took pictures and it was awesome.
(03:43:20 PM) J: That does sound awesome!
(03:50:35 PM) OldFriend From hometown:: yeah. I give that dream an A+.