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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-27


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Today is an old/former friend’s birthday. I’m not sure if I feel bad because we have not spoken in 6 years or because I almost forgot what today was (even after a reminder). I turned on a band on the way home that used to mean something. The songs that used to mean so much are the ones I feel mostly nothing for and skip. The ones that used to mean nothing, still mean mostly nothing, but I guess my ears have changed because they are the ones I’d much rather listen to.

Last weekend we attempted to hike Cold Mountain… it was kinda failure and by kinda I mean we did not reach the top, see anything cool, and walking down hill just about killed me. I’m a big wuss with old lady knees. Next few hiking purchases will be a knee strap (my braces are too constricting) and trekking poles.

Next month I’m visiting my Parents and Hometown and some pretty awesome friends. At the end of the month Other J and I will attempt to go camping in preparation for our Memorial-Day-Weekend Multi-Night Camping Extravaganza.

past lives


I had a good long talk with a friend last night about past lives. Not the reincarnation kind, but the kind before now. For example, even at my age when I was 18-20 seems like another life and really another me. Which seems normal and comfortable as my life evolves. I thought long and hard today about uploading old livejournal entries that I’ve had since i was 16 onto this domain. That is 10 years of my life documented. The good, the bad, the inane and the oh my god what were you thinking, potentially all in one place. I decided against it. It is a past life. Those years were parts of wonderful and parts of horrible like any young adult life. But my evolution has passed that stage. Even within the last 5 years then and now seem like two different people.

We’re not done (the royal we), but it has been a fun ride so far. Right now I have someone in my life that urges me to try new things and go new places and grounds me to the planet so I am a nicer person. I am a much calmer and sillier person. I am grateful for him. I want to be better. I think about grad school all the time. Law school (intellectual property law specifically), parks and rec, religion, history, mba… all sorts of insane things. I can’t decide right now (not to mention I don’t have the funding right now) and I’m really ok with that. I don’t want to go back to school unless I have a clue what I want to do with my life/next 5 years. I think about starting a hippy business and selling his pictures to people who love our scenery. I think about working from home some days because at least I’d save money on gas and could work in my jammies. I think about the rest of my life and see… nothing… like a blank canvas. Its scary and overwhelming and inspirational. Just waiting to be painted all over.

I’ll be visiting aspects of my past lives in a few weeks. I’m excited to see old friends and how they’ve evolved. I’m excited to know how far we’ve come from all our teenage drama. We’re real adults now. Scary.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13

  • At the gym watching food network #
  • i should probably clean out my SD card more than every 3 months. #
  • I fail at house work. So far the dishes are done. #
  • bunnies are slightly less furry, their house is clean though #
  • garbage soon to be taken out, coffee table cleaned off… everything is kinda half done, but mostly presentable #

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I LoLed for real


Cause no one on the planet will get this but us…

So I’m walking by the escalator out of the expo area, look over and vinny and drew are head toward the escalator to leave.


He stops, and steps aside with me we talked for like 2 minutes.

“Hey look man, it was nice meeting you, but I got get moving. We rangled Brad down, and once we do that we gotta bounce else he’ll wander off”

“You’re going to see Brad? Can I come?”

So I follow him, we meet up with Ryan and slowly make our way out the cab area. They meet up with brad and start heading toward the cab.

“Hey Brad! I have such a man crush on you”

“I have no idea how to respond to that.”

And we shook hands.


“I stopped one of the girls working at the Booth and told her I would do whatever I had to to get that shirt off her. Then things got awkward.”

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-06

  • Chilling in the cold aisle of the datacenter. Field trips for @photosandtext to work at least get me out of the house. #
    Pretty #
  • Oo drug or insurance reps at the doctor's office need to share the donuts. #
  • Also booo I forgot to put creamer in my coffee. #
  • People who take their 5 yrold into the room with them at the obgyn when their husband waits outside confuse me #
  • You drove here why do you not have your drivers license?? #
  • I need to find a non callcenter job. Sometimes the drama is too much. #
  • Plans for next weekend : hangout with @BluJeanFoodieQ and play plants vs zombies while @photosandtext is at PAX East #

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