i’m not sad, and i’m not sorry


I’ve noticed that when I tell people I have a degree and my teaching license they tend to look at me with that “its so sad that you’re here.” Bite me.
I chose to be where I am. I chose not to look for a job in a school or even near that kind of field. I chose to go back to my old place of employment. And now that i’m not bored out of my skull, I’m pretty damn happy about it. Work goes by quickly – Breaks I spend with people I like and I don’t take a damn thing home. It’s not great paying, but I’ll have insurance in a month or so and I live 10 minutes from work. I’m happy with how things are, please stop looking at me like i’ve been hit by some terrible hardship.
I enjoyed school whether I teach or not, I had a good time, I have a degree, and I know that I do not have the patience required to be a teacher. I’m ok with that. I LOVE the teachers I know, because they are awesome. This was meant for them, but not for me and its better I figured that out NOW then after I became even more bitter and cranky. Go me.
Now, to find something pushing papers around on my desk. Cause, I’m good at that. =) Just please stop looking at me like you’re sorry for me. Its really irritating.

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