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Today at work they posted new positions for the account I first worked for when moving to NC. I enjoyed this account. I was a supervisor (though badly) QA, workforce fill in and an agent on the phones. I did not hate any position i has while there. I was bored after a while of being on the phones because I was good at what I did. But I also was one of the best at what I did. Since that account I’ve done workforce for another, because I was asked to, I left to finish school and give the teaching thing a try. Now that I am back for the company, had this account been around I would have gone back. It wasn’t at the time so I trained for a different account with ideal hours. It is a sales account though, I do not enjoy being on the phones at all – it makes me want to call out every day. Right now I am more of an admin/secretary. I enjoy this, I have a little bit of everything to do but since I am still billed as a phone agent, I always have fear of having to get back on the phones and try to sell. I suck at selling. When I worked retail back in California I sucked at selling. The manager did the selling and I did the paperwork. I’m good at paperwork.

There is also a supervisor position on the account I work for now. I do not like baby sitting. Adults are just as bad as pre-teens. I have no desire to apply for that position. I was supposed to have talked to my manager today but she never got around to it. I don’t know if I’ll even be approved to apply to my old account, and now I do not know if I really want to. I have time off scheduled for the end of May and the middle of June. There is no way I can work those days. Period. But this also makes me less eligible for being able to transfer anyway.

Go back to a job on the phones that I did not hate with variable hours or stay with the fear of being having to go back on the phones in sales that I hate. I’m stuck. OtherJ is not thrilled with the idea of me having to possible work nights/weekends/holidays. Frankly, neither am I. But what if I have to try and sell again. I know the product, I know the options, but I am not slippery and cannot just sell without thinking about it. I can however give you the black and white options. But thats it.

OtherJ is out of town for work. I’m going to make my stuffed pepper, have some wine, and maybe clean. Tomorrow I might have to make a decision. *sigh*

Grad school, again


I think I’ve all but given up on finding an online grad school program that I like but is also accredited and doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Now I’m looking at the local university. The two programs that seem interesting History and religious studies — neither of which would be useful beyond being interesting to me. I wish i enjoyed things that could lead to better employment in the long run. Those things tend to be boring though. Tuition is per semester and depending on how many credits that you take. Which is nice, and potentially cheaper than any other program I’ve looked at.

I don’t have a good reason that I’m looking into grad school, maybe I’m just not used to being out of school yet and need something to worry and focus on. Work I can leave at work, not any pressure there. Nothing to worry about at home.




I don’t think I have one. I like lots of things, but nothing really sticks out that I’m drawn. By now shouldn’t I have figured something out that I’m really into and least something that I’m really into for more than a day or two. I’ve been looking into grad school (again) and nothing pops out at me as something I’d like to spend that much money for. Grad school is damn expensive. it will not be happening until i make more money as it is, but i am also cheap and do not want to spend that kind of money on something i don’t want to dive head first into. Not again at least.

so far i’ve looked into grad programs for:

1) law (intellectual property law to be specific), just an MS nothing that prepares for actual practicing of it…

2) animal behavior, which is surprisingly bare in the local and online markets – lots of online vet tech programs if you want your associates though – nothing local for anything animal related really —

3) history, also surprisingly bare

4) Library studies – not so bare, not sure if i’d care enough though –

5) religion, though i cannot find anything that does a well rounded program on religions not just Christianity/ministry — most of which are brought to you by Liberty University

Everything is just so bleh… I’ll give up on it for now and hope something hits me one day, along with enough money to pay for it. 🙂



I cannot decide what I hate more, people talking to loud on the trail or people talking to loud at the overlook/destination/view. On Saturday, there was a group of annoying college kids talking really loud and yelling all the way up the trail, but when they got there, they sat down and we didn’t hear their mouths the entire rest of the trip. What we did hear was a group of adults calling their dog, wondering aloud if anyone had fallen over the edge recently, and seeing how close they could get to the edge.
Really? Let me nap in peace.

Nothing special going on this week. Next week OtherJ goes out of town for work. Last week I received confirmation that my PTO for May and June was approved. We went shopping for fancy clothes over the weekend, very successful endeavor. Things are good, just nothing to rant about or anything exciting to mention that has not been mentioned already.

Scott II


Over the weekend my friend in the hospital woke up. He seems all there, if a little battered and confused. He’s had tubes and been asleep for so long that he can’t talk yet, but seems well aware of what is going on around him. Since he does not have his glasses he can’t really see anything. He does recognize people (at least his family and his SO), and that he does not like the nurses trying to clean out his mouth – he clenches his teeth so they can’t get in. His SO says he smiles when they put on his ipod. there is still a long way to go, but being awake is a big step.



long hike yesterday through varous waterfalls. Chinese food afterward and sore muscles this morning.

plans for today: find a Easter basket to take pictures of my real Easter bunnies in, sort through yesterday’s pictures, and, be lazy.

sounds like a good plan to me.