I cannot decide what I hate more, people talking to loud on the trail or people talking to loud at the overlook/destination/view. On Saturday, there was a group of annoying college kids talking really loud and yelling all the way up the trail, but when they got there, they sat down and we didn’t hear their mouths the entire rest of the trip. What we did hear was a group of adults calling their dog, wondering aloud if anyone had fallen over the edge recently, and seeing how close they could get to the edge.
Really? Let me nap in peace.

Nothing special going on this week. Next week OtherJ goes out of town for work. Last week I received confirmation that my PTO for May and June was approved. We went shopping for fancy clothes over the weekend, very successful endeavor. Things are good, just nothing to rant about or anything exciting to mention that has not been mentioned already.

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