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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-30

  • @Emerald_Jewell and damn i hate feeling stupid #
  • … weird sad mood just hit me… dinner was too good to feel sad. Maybe I'm just full and sleepy. #
  • @Emerald_Jewell eat more bananas… *snicker* #
  • i really hate this new doctor on season 2 of star trek TNG. #
  • Body snatched Data kinda creeps me out. #
  • @dcorsetto there are some really fantastic fitters out there, it's pretty common for most people to fuck it up though. #
  • The @mythbusters drinking game is both educational and full of alcohol. #
  • Hiccups and drinking games do not mix. #tvdrinkinggames tonight's game brought to you by #mythbusters #
  • @Emerald_Jewell did you look up how to make SUPER jello shots? Only 2tbsp of water required #
  • @Emerald_Jewell Co worker is better than contractor #
  • #badmovienight is brought to you by the movie Lust in the Dust #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23


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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-16

  • @postsecret And they would probably save money by combining the two sets of slightly different colors and using one set of packaging. #
  • @jeffgerstmann maybe look into magic shave powder, it is made for faces. You will also see reviews for lady parts. #
  • Oh my people stop talking in the bathroom, it's just weird to talk and potty. Now I have to wait for you to leave so I don't give you a look #
  • Dammit why is tomorrow not Friday? Booooo #
  • @Emerald_Jewell nope still going to avoid those. #
  • Though team Brad seems kinda weird, still watching @bradshoemaker & #breakingbrad and rooting for him. #
  • #breakingbrad #teambrad wooo! #
  • @hemantmehta and now all of Canada & most of Michigan hates you 😛 #
  • @hemantmehta see nhl > god. One is tangible and less bloody. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-09

  • @Emerald_Jewell any near me? There is one down the street that was on TV a few times. #
  • Watching the replay of Clinton speech at the #DNC2012 last night. I think Grandma would have loved to hear him speak. #
  • @jephjacques I'm sure you've already gotten lots of home remedies, from working at a groomer, douche or peroxide/baking soda/dawn work best #
  • @Emerald_Jewell I wish more people would really listen to what he says #DNC2012 #
  • @Emerald_Jewell where are you staying??? #
  • @Emerald_Jewell either way the area is nice, we did the econo Lodge for a night before the island, It looks like little log cabins #

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