Monthly Archives: October 2014

Life is Good Day


In 2002, we made up a holiday. It with two college freshman. As can be expected they were barely starting to figure out the whole “adult” part of life.
It started with a list, trying to remember and keep present with why Life is Good, and ended with an adventure.

I believe that we’ve acknowledged the every year since and sometimes the number when we really need it. The past few years have been rougher about this time of year.

But every year we still acknowledge how greatful we are for our lives and how they have turned out, cause in 2002 we were young and a bit crazy. (as everyone that age tends to be.) Maybe we made up our own anniversary because we needed to celebrate our friendship because it was one of the biggest constant support at the time. And now even though we’re hundreds of miles apart we can celebrate how far we’ve come together and apart. It’s the rough times when we need it, so taking the time to celebrate makes it easier to remember life is good.

❤ you Sexy girl.