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Bennett Gap Trail


Bennett Gap Trail to Buckwheat Knob

When we started planning this weekend’s hike it was “6 miles”, we’d do a 6 mile hike. Shouldn’t be a problem because we have lots of 6 mile hikes under our belt. We’ve done a couple 3-5 mile hikes this winter whenever it has been warm enough to get out. Six miles would just be a good next step…. but then it became between 6 and 7… and then it became, “oh its actually 7.2, but we can turn around if ends up being too much.” Which I knew would be “if you make me we’ll turn back early.”

Final mileage 7.5. We made it to the top – which was uneventful – and back down again before the sun started to set. Bonus. I am against walking through new trails in the dark. Other J was impressed when we got home to find out how far it actually was.. good for him. Next hike we’re aiming at 7.2 miles. I’m going to try and get him to stick to that this time.

BUT all of this means that working out during the winter has a least kept us where we left off at the end of last season. So this season we should be able to regular 10 miles and occasional 12 miles with no problem. The goal this year is to do a 20 mile weekend camping trip this summer. I’m really be happy with 15.

The floor is now open to suggestions for knee or hip strengthening exercises.



We went hiking as usual. The view was great almost the whole trail. And even though it was a short hike it kicked my ass and I was asleep by 10pm. Pictures are up.

Yesterday I rolled around in bed after watching OtherJ play video games that made me sick and did productive things like make dinner and fold laundry. Though the latter was at the strong urging of my cohabitant. It is getting colder and we need to get on top of this joining a gym thing. But I’d rather taken a nap I’m my car on lunch at work.

pictures and musings


For reference… please do not give me things that have any religious significance. Really. I appreciate the thought, but donate money to an animal shelter or special Olympics or something that actually shows you’re paying attention.

The past month or so there haven’t been many picture updates – cause we’ve been sick, its been rainy, we had guests, the works. Below its the set from this month. I might post the pictures from stone mountain soon. Other than that we have pictures of the bunny cage building for last month. Lately we’ve had to take it easier cause at stone mountain something weird happened to my knee – when i came home it decided it needed to swell and be useless for a couple days. Then repeated such idiotic things the next couple short hikes… plus 10x the pain. So I’ve taken to wearing a knee brace when we go hiking – Well taken to meaning the next time I’m going to remember to bring it with me.

In work news! I started a new position at work, no more money but it keeps me from falling asleep at work and makes my day go by a million times faster. so WOO..

J2 news, in boot camp, doing well – not as hard as expected so far, will be going to the Gulf Coast for IT training when done with camp.
J3 turned 10 this past week. wow I am old and i need to remember to ship her present.

For those wondering – No, I don’t think we’ll be able to make it north this year. I’m sorry – no real time off this year because of all the trips coming next year. Will be north for a week in September next year though.

Weird things that happened recently: Saw Tom at Ikea. Well I saw him and avoided confrontation by trying to hide behind the visor in my car. Why? I’m not sure anymore. I wish I hadn’t cause I’m ridiculously happy right now and only really have reason to show off. Maybe it was a knee jerk reaction to having not seen or heard from him in two years – when I disconnected the phone line.
Been talking with an old roommate lately. She’s married, one little boy, two little girls baking and sounds the happiest I’ve ever known her. We’ve known each other for 11 years now (damn i feel old), we’ve seen each other through probably the worst parts or some of the worst parts of our lives, and now we’re both in really great places. It’s fantastic!

From Demons

Pictures from this month…
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Black Balsam and Shining Rock


Ok – so I have pictures to put up… well I have pictures to go through and I’m really not going to because there are over 500 of them and I’m going to wait. Other J has already sorted and combined the panoramas… I plan to just steal them when he gets home.

We are working on the SB6K, 40 peaks over 6000ft above sea level. Slowly, and not with any real effort actually.

Good Ol’ Crowders


Ok so we’re never doing both peaks at Crowder’s again. It was great, but our feet hurt and it was a long day.
The fantastic part was there was NO ONE on the main peak when we got there. It was the first time we’ve even been able to see the main vista. The second peak is a long way up very rocky, steep, hill/mountain. Which was also nice until some ass decided to whip out his iphone (note we only take one phone with us, and it is turned off while we hike) and started playing “Take on me” by Ah-ha. Dude its 8pm, YOU”RE ON A MOUNTAIN, and you decided to be a jackass… no one wants to hear that, we want to watch the sunset in peace. Weenie. Though the church group singing with their guitar and enjoying the nature was nice.

Today, I am sore. Talked to J4. Miss her. Told her that mom had her appendix removed. Caught up on happenings of life. She’s moving to CO within the next year or so. Told her that J2 was joining the Navy or trying to. We went to sports authority, scoped out a bench and some dumbells and then left with insoles for our hiking shoes and new socks for me. Walked around the mall for a little bit and I pointed out that the new coach store would be where our friend “A” would be spending all her spare time. Ten feet later I hear “OtherJ and J?” yep… there is “A” with her friend. Right outside the store… so weird. Met her friend, talked a little while, then headed to get milkshakes/smoothies.

Now is winding down time. OtherJ is playing video games with a friend from PA. I’m uploading pictures and reading postsecret. Very pleasant weekend.

Crowder's Mountain 0709