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m-ye-r-t-v-o … if you’re using Russian for your user name as well.

According to google translator — умер (ee-m-ye-r)

because you qualified it with “already” it changed the conjugation

dead is a masculine verb, and the bo at the end makes it neutral… which does not make much sense.

3 Weeks Left


I finish teaching my 6th graders this week. They take my last test on Wednesday, i have to have their tests graded by monday to put on their report cards.

The 28th I’ll be observing a HS teacher, and then taking over his class for the last two days of that week. I have no idea what i will be doing the last week i am there.

My last day is Nov. 7th. I should start looking for a job. I do not think i will be able to find anything in a school for a while as all the jobs i see right now are for schools far far away and this area is flooded with students from the university.