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Adventures in Pierogi Making


I’m lazy and we dont have a ton of food in the house right now. Lost of dinner and breakfast stuff, but not really any lunch stuff. I like making biscuits and muffins and such. I use Jiffy’s making mix… why? Cause it is cheap and like i said, i’m lazy.

A couple weeks ago i tore apart the jiffy box and cut out all the recipes. I taped them into our build-your-own cook book. It keeps me from having too look up the time/heat for the biscuits – I always forget. They also have dumplings -which is basicly boiled biscuits. Ok… i know pierogi are boiled and their are polish dumplings… So I made pierogi.. Well i’m in the process

I have the dough circles, the stuffing, but i’m still debating how to make them. I will boil them to cook them, then likely put them in the fridge. Do i want to bake them later? Saute them? I can’t decide.

Ok ..boiled dough is gross… these will be baked and crispy when done.

Found them!


On ebay actually… Now to find them somewhere else.

This is a lot of 23 JUST ASK books from Weekly Reader. They are Science and Nature books designed for young

children. The books follow Christopher Mouse as he explores a variety of topics. The books are all from the

1980s and they are in good, clean condition with some binding have tears in them. These are from a

non-smoking household.

The titles are

Why Is The Grass Green? 1985; Why Does It Snow? 1986; What is a river? 1986;

Why Does It Rain? 1983; What is a Volcano? 1983;Why is the Sky Blue? 1986;

What Is An Ocean? 1986; Why Does It Fly? 1984; What Is A Jungle? 1986;What Are Seasons? 1986;

Why Do Birds Fly South? 1986; What Is Gravity? 1986; What is a Rainbow? 1983; What is a Vegetable? 1986;

Why is it Dark? 1984; Why does it Float? 1983; What is a Desert? 1986;What is Fruit? 1986;

What Is A Cloud? 1986; Why Do Leaves Change Color? 1986; What Is Electricity? 1986;

What is A Island? 1986; What are Seasons? 1986

Notes for baby books:


When I have kids… please don’t get me religious baby books. Just donate them to a church, cause thats all i will do with them.

And I love mr men books and magic school bus (cause really until they get a certain age the books will really need to be entertaining to me)

Why is goodnight moon so expensive?

I hate Caillou… stupid french chemo kid with a stupid spelled name…

And if someone can help remember those science books with the little mouse, that would be awesome.