Monthly Archives: April 2014



This year I turn 30. I don’t really like birthdays in general. They have never been horrible usually turn out pretty well actually, but they are just not an event I get excited for. I have friends who love them and start planning months in advance but that’s not me.

This year I’m trying to participate in 100 happy days #100happydays. I am going to work on being a happier person this year and work on marking some bigger things off my giant to do list. Starting with another tattoo this summer and a long hiking trip with the husband.



There seems to be a growing number of people in my life going through changes in their life. For some of them it was expected to some extent, part of growing up. For some, while others may think it’s long overdue, it’s liberating and I hope a new beginning for life in general. For some it’s a chance to embrace life for real.

I’m most proud of a friend who is working on taking back control of her life and working through some crazy traumatic events in her life
I hope this is a new beginning for her.