Monthly Archives: August 2014

Week 2 Chickboxing


Week two was better than week one. It seemed slower but probably wasn’t. The older women I was standing between were kicking my butt. I have nearly zero abdominal strength and can’t really do sit ups.

This time I went alone because A had to be an emergency baby sitter. The other ladies in the class are super welcoming and encouraging, so I almost didn’t notice that I didn’t actually know anyone there.

Oh and my knees decided to go on protest. Gotta remember my braces next time.

You are not the same person.


The phrase that alarms me lately is “as a…”. No, just no, you have not been that in over 10 years. You have not been that person or even in that culture since I met you and you certainly haven’t put in the effort to maintain a connection to what you used to be. I know you’re hanging on for dear life as it is but maybe using terms to define you would be a good start. Especially ones that don’t fit in any way. Use them as a goal, something to reach for, but stop lying to yourself.

Week 1 Chickboxing


The Groupon was a good deal and I really needed something new in my workout. I conned A into coming with me. Kickboxing seemed less bouncy than jazzercise. It’s still bouncy and faster paced than I’d have thought. There is a little instruction but it mostly go with the flow and keep moving.
I learned a few things 1) I have zero rhythm and cannot do anything to a beat. 2) I’ll be sleeping well on Thursdays. My ankles hurt and my thighs are already sore. 3) I need new shoes.

I liked it and I’ll go back next week.