Monthly Archives: March 2009

Report Cards


really? You’re failing because YOU DO NOT TURN THINGS IN. THats it… its not cause you just dont get it… YOU DONT DO IT… this is why your parents are getting letters of all the things you did not do… and you must bring those back signed, before you get your report card…

non-hiking saturday


Today was filled with a ton of grading. I only have one set of papers left. I tried to play Katamari, but it started to make me sick. I talked to friends, but other J has been at work and the house has been lonely. I got house work done; dishes, laundry, fed the snake, and cleaned the bunny cage.
Right now I’m watching Extreme Makeover home edition. Looking out the window, hoping to get a txt message… its a lonely night.

Struggle — Hiking


Lately all I’ve wanted to do was quit. I am trying and wow am i making mistakes, but I’m learning from them. I’ve had more suspensions then i want to remember. Though two I wasn’t even in the vicinity. We moved some kids and things seem to be working better this week. Though we have I identified that issue. When moving students we found that when one student moved, their former class was much more productive and could actually work. It has been good because this was the class that nothing was getting done.
Now I want to work on a way to prepare the kids for the arrival of the suspended students and a way to keep them under control.
I feel like all I get is what I’m doing wrong, but this may be more of myself than anyone else’s view. My wonderful little demons are helping decide their next project. I think I will have them make the rubric for the project. It looks like their standards have something in there for them evaluating works… This might be a good way to fit it in.

We got to go hiking this past weekend. It was nice and warm and we napped on the top of the mountain. Found a perfect spot… also the perfect spot for me to sunburn my pastey legs. I had PLANNED on wearing jeans, but my jeans were dirty or had holes in them so at the last minute i wore shorts… which crispied my legs for a couple days. We looked at their camping sites and made plans for our first trial run.

THEN my jaw started to swell and ow… swollen lymph node had make the left side of my face look like a chip munk. It has been painful to eat for the last few days and i’ve had lots of motrin to help keep me from not being able to talk. The week is almost over and i really need a weekend.