Today at work they posted new positions for the account I first worked for when moving to NC. I enjoyed this account. I was a supervisor (though badly) QA, workforce fill in and an agent on the phones. I did not hate any position i has while there. I was bored after a while of being on the phones because I was good at what I did. But I also was one of the best at what I did. Since that account I’ve done workforce for another, because I was asked to, I left to finish school and give the teaching thing a try. Now that I am back for the company, had this account been around I would have gone back. It wasn’t at the time so I trained for a different account with ideal hours. It is a sales account though, I do not enjoy being on the phones at all – it makes me want to call out every day. Right now I am more of an admin/secretary. I enjoy this, I have a little bit of everything to do but since I am still billed as a phone agent, I always have fear of having to get back on the phones and try to sell. I suck at selling. When I worked retail back in California I sucked at selling. The manager did the selling and I did the paperwork. I’m good at paperwork.

There is also a supervisor position on the account I work for now. I do not like baby sitting. Adults are just as bad as pre-teens. I have no desire to apply for that position. I was supposed to have talked to my manager today but she never got around to it. I don’t know if I’ll even be approved to apply to my old account, and now I do not know if I really want to. I have time off scheduled for the end of May and the middle of June. There is no way I can work those days. Period. But this also makes me less eligible for being able to transfer anyway.

Go back to a job on the phones that I did not hate with variable hours or stay with the fear of being having to go back on the phones in sales that I hate. I’m stuck. OtherJ is not thrilled with the idea of me having to possible work nights/weekends/holidays. Frankly, neither am I. But what if I have to try and sell again. I know the product, I know the options, but I am not slippery and cannot just sell without thinking about it. I can however give you the black and white options. But thats it.

OtherJ is out of town for work. I’m going to make my stuffed pepper, have some wine, and maybe clean. Tomorrow I might have to make a decision. *sigh*

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