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I LoLed for real


Cause no one on the planet will get this but us…

So I’m walking by the escalator out of the expo area, look over and vinny and drew are head toward the escalator to leave.


He stops, and steps aside with me we talked for like 2 minutes.

“Hey look man, it was nice meeting you, but I got get moving. We rangled Brad down, and once we do that we gotta bounce else he’ll wander off”

“You’re going to see Brad? Can I come?”

So I follow him, we meet up with Ryan and slowly make our way out the cab area. They meet up with brad and start heading toward the cab.

“Hey Brad! I have such a man crush on you”

“I have no idea how to respond to that.”

And we shook hands.


“I stopped one of the girls working at the Booth and told her I would do whatever I had to to get that shirt off her. Then things got awkward.”