Ok so in theory I get the whole organized religion thing… I get the whole Jesus thing… but when that is every other word out of your mouth that makes me think you have no real life… at all. For instance – if you were talking about getting people organized and involved in worthy charities – if you were out there actually helping people – if you were even hanging out with people you met at church – I would have much more respect for you. This is not the case. From what I can see you don’t actually do anything. You have no cause. This isn’t bad in itself, as I have no purpose at this point in time. I have no desire to help people and when this job is done I’m going back to my boring selfish life. But I’m not rabid about the Jesus. I’m not telling everyone they need to be rabid about the Jesus too. Really, I like the JWs better because at least they reserve it for one day a week and I don’t need to hear them every thirty seconds.

Edit: its not like its a magic word…its the fact that dont insert it wherever for no real reason… in places that it doesn’t make sense… It seems fake and the whole thing loses meaning. All talk and no action doesn’t do anyone any good.

At this point I’m thrilled to be living my nearly religious free existence. This makes it easier to be pro-choice, in favor of rampant gay marriage, and living with someone I’m not married to. Speaking of which… one flesh… bullshit. I’m getting married by a raging lesbian in a fiercely Buddhist or pagan ceremony… naked… (ok maybe not naked). The whole concept has changed a million times over the years. NOW… for me… I’d rather be in a partnership – still two people with two identities but working towards a common goal.

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