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This year, I voted over a week ago. At the last presidential election I waited in line for a couple hours in the cold with my gloves and mittens through a winding line along the city side walk. I was not going to miss it. I love that my state allows for no questions asked early absentee voting. I’ve voted against Amendment 1. I try to pay enough attention to make my voice heard.

I remember voting for the first time at a church in my home state, on the way back home from the airport after a visit across the country. I remember that my family was so excited for me to be voting for the first time. I have friends who are very active in my home state’s political arena. I love that the people in my life are involved and are about the process.  I once dated someone who didn’t care about it and didn’t see the point. This still boggles my mind.

I am mildly excited in participating in the potential Facebook peer pressure of the “I voted” button tomorrow.
I am excited that I have friends that have voted for the first time this year, and have even a small interest.
The true civic process of participating in my government makes my heart happy. And to know that however small, I might still have a voice in the process is a good feeling. I live in a swing state. Every little vote counts. Every little vote always counts.