Family Update


My student teaching ended 11/7/08, but they asked me to stay on as a sub, so thats what i’ve been doing since then. I’ve had a couple of uneventful days that i could do homework, but other than those i’ve been working. I’ve been in second grade, third grade, 6th grade, 7th and 8th and 9th and 10th and one day i was the PE teacher and added 4th and 5th grade to the classes i’ve had to deal with. Things are good, most of the kids are good.

I think we’re done hiking for the year, its gotten too cold. The good thing is that the last time we went hiking – though I was difficult – it was a nice day and we ended up having fun.
We’re doing thanksgiving on our own this year. Heather called today and I’m going to tell her we have plans. I don’t really want to drive out there and I’d rather do our little odd Thanksgiving we have planed. The menu: Subs, mashed potatoes, cornbread, veggies, and pumpkin pie.

We’re set to meet mom and dad and Littlest J in December. We’ve been working out regularly, I think i might have convinced the other J to do yoga at home with me. His mom’s birthday is tomorrow and I helped with the present. I’m not done with my school work because I’ve been working, but I’m close and should be done at the end of this week. There are only two school days this week which gives me Wednesday all to myself to do school work… or procrastinate…

we cleaned the house today. I looked through all my evaluations and woops… someone forgot to fill in all the boxes on one of my observations. They made comments but did not check the damn box… this makes graduating longer.

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