House Hunting.


I’m tired and frustrated with house hunting. I’m not looking to buy anything. I’m not looking to pay more than $700… or pay for things I don’t want or need — ie a pool, laundry room, fitness room, playground. I am looking for a cheap 2 bedroom, close to work – my work or his work. I would prefer a dishwasher, but am prepared to not have one (yay for adult boyfriends with dish drying racks). I’ve looked at all the local apartments and looked at the ones near his work. We’re starting to look at renting a house. We drove by and poke around one tonight. Older, inside looked clean/newcarpet. Blinds and outside were older, but in decent condition. Big yard nice neighborhood. J is going to call tomorrow to see if we can catch the property management company next Tuesday to see it.

I will be glad when this is over and if it works out i’m not moving again for a very long time. Something good will have to make me move.

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