So Wednesday we joined a gym. Peak Fitness. Our inital sales guy was cool, while filing out paper work he and a new girl joked around with us. The place was cheaper and less intimidating than I’d expected. The equipment was clean and looked well maintained. No duct tape holding seats together. We met one of the personal trainers… he was a steretypical jock. I did not get good vibes from him. I do not think he will be able to teach me anything thing i don’t already know. He may be good for J because he can tell him the way guys need to work out and the things he should be focusing on. Mostly I need to get off my lazy ass and move.  Join w/ J will help with that. I hate feeling alone in my pain while working out.  And I would feel  terrible having him use his CC to pay for it and not using it. Guilt is also a great motivater.

This week we went on Wednesday did some light cardio. Today we’re going again, probably doing more cardio and maybe a little on some of the machines.  Then date night. I like date night. Tomorrow we should be hiking. Hopefully w/ A. We’ll see how things go.

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