Week to date


this week I applied for a promotion with the company I work for. they asked me a total of three questions. why so little?I answered most of the questions they were going to ask in my answer to their first question. one of the interviewers was scrambling to think of more to ask. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.
* I started this post on Wednesday. Since then I learned that the above was a good thing and the interview went well and that I have a second interview on monday at 11am.

this week a good friend went to the hospital with pneumonia. he’s in icu on breathing and feeding tubes. antibiotics are not helping. his body is not fighting off the infection. they have a doctor that works with infectious deseases working with him now and have moved him into a negative preasure room on case he is contagious. they may do a lung biopsy next week and are waiting on tb tests. at least they are planning on him having a next week

right now we’re pony sitting for my aunt. went to the state history museum today and may head into town tomorrow to check things out before we head home. I hope that next weekend we can have a lazy day at home with no running around. at least one of the days. we should also clean house soon. maybe next weekend.

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