i hate when that happens


the other day i was listening to my shuffle, there was a song that i listened to twice that i really liked and wanted to remember, but now i don’t. I’m fairly certain it was music that otherj had put on there before i went to mexico a couple years ago. I know we’ve listened to it over and over again, so its not like its new, but i dont remember to name, or the words, or even who it sounds like… now i’m going through all the music that i know is on my shuffle and trying to figure out what it was. theres only a handful of bands it could be really. but nothing sounds like the right song.

It seems like everyone is getting married, engaged or having babies. V said thats just what people do. Thats probably right. Its getting to be beyond a quarter century that we’ve been alive so I guess its a natural thing that people are getting married and reproducing. I’m not sure if i’m supposed to be jealous, anxious, or just grateful when it does happen for me that i’ll have an idea of how i want things to go from watching everyone else have to deal with it.

today i’m laying low at home while otherJ hangs out with George. I’m ok with this, cause i really do not feel like moving much farther than this couch. Tomorrow we’ll go take pictures and get my bridesmaid dress for Kris’ wedding.

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