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Rockin the head cold from hell


So I haven’t put up pictures from the last hike with the wild ponies cause I haven’t had the time or energy to weed down the 500+ pictures that i have from that trip. Other J put them up on his site, go bug him. Since then and since I house sat for my aunt I started working again. Though training is really really boring, the people I’m going to be working with seem pretty good. (not as fabulous as my first training class with the company) Other J has been working on a super size bunny mansion with his friend at his friend’s house. The Demons are currently living in the 1/2 bath as to not keep them cooped in their travel cage. And other than the terrible cold making its way through our house things are pretty good. No Hiking updates to speak of because of the illness and house sitting, but there should be some nice pictures next weekend from 1.0s bday extravaganza and possibly a short trip to crowders to warm back up to the hiking. Planning on heading back out to the Pisgah before OtherJ’s mom visits in October.

Hoping to get a nice air mattress or even a cot for OtherJ’s Mom to sleep on when she visits. Hope those are not too expensive. Suggestions?