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New Year



List of things I would like to do this year.
Cook more, like really cook, not just make something. Maybe actually create something.
Go on a vacation. We’re going to LV for a wedding and I would love to make it a full vacation. Grand Canyon and all. (I will need a bunny sitter for a week this summer)
Buy some real adult furniture – a couch, some nightstands and some bookshelfs
Save up for a new car – I think mine is on its last legs.
Rearrange the living room
Go visit my grandparents
Go to the beer/wine/art gallery down town and find new things to drink. -it’s within walking distance 🙂
Camp on the beach again maybe when it’s warm enough to swim.
Enjoy hiking more, even when the up part is killing me.
Find a way to not let the up parts kill me
Wear my hat

non-religious xmas


How does one who is not at all religious celebrate Christmas? … The same way lots of people do. Presents and eating. We have a tree and a nice dinner and spend the day together. We are thankful and use the day to practice traditions that mean something to us. We will eat chinese food or something that makes us happy, we might play video games or watch a movie. But the day will be about us and the people we love even if we cannot be with them. That is what Christmas is really about.

We are not religious, in fact most of the time we are headed to hell in a a hand basket… well if you believe in that at all. We use this day because we have it off work. It is a national holiday so if we were not actually off of work we’d be getting paid time and a half, but in recent years we have the day off. It is convenient. I like that even if you do not believe in the whole jebus thing that a good amount of people all have the day off of work and can spend time with their family and other loved ones. They can eat and pass around stories or presents or sit in front of the tv watching some horrible tv marathon.

I cannot be with the majority of my family today. But I will give them a call when they are all together and tell them I love them. The family I can be with, I will watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” with and be grateful they are right here. We will wake up in the morning like little kids and unwrap the presents that have been flowing in this week and we will be grateful that we are loved from all across the country. We will eat and drink and be happy. We will order (hopefully) chinese food and carry on the Jewish tradition for Xmas.

The point is a non-religious xmas has endless possibilities, but we are thrilled to have the day off of work to spend with eachother and call our families across the country to remind them that we love them.

catching up


I’ve had a few ideas for posts rattling around in my head.

    video games, how some people are better off not commenting on a community that they really have no connection to or interest in in the long run
    holidays in general
    our vacation/ thanksgiving
    gradschool (yeah i know i’ve mentioned it a million times)
    work ( in theory, not specifically)
    small children

Some of them are still rattling and some have wandered away… today will be about lists, because those are nice and organized and don’t require a ton of thought to make them sound like anything more than just a list.

    Things I did this past week:
    Toured a the first penitentiary
    Walked around Philadelphia and ate a cheese stake
    Drove through Valley Forge
    Ate tons of yummy food/beer
    Met OtherJ’s friends M&M
    Met OtherJ’s brother/sister-in-law/niece
    Had yummy thanksgiving dinner
    Took a picture of the Washington Monument from a moving vehicle
    Only worried a little bit about work
    Was told my degree was not recognized for the grad program I was considering.
    Realized that eating out with friends and family all the time would make me all sorts of fat…
    gained 7-10 lbs over vacation and should really start working out again.

It was a busy week, but the least busy vacation we’ve ever taken. We had a great time.

    Things to get done by the end of the year:
    Put up holiday decorations
    Take Pictures of Bunnies for holiday cards
    Get xmas presents
    find/use the gym
    Clean the house – for reals
    rearrange living room/maybe a little maybe a lot
    look for new bed and new couch.

Those are mostly just the practical bits… there are some personal artsy bits I want to get done by the end of the year, but those are a little more fluid and will need a little more will power:

    get prints made of OtherJ’s photos, organize into note card sets (sell on etsy?)
    Paint something pretty

Maybe I’ll do another this soon…those seem to work out pretty well.

Other J Birthday Weekend


Yesterday, lazy morning and mad dash cleaning last night. pulled out the brisco county jr series set and we were good for the night.
This morning – breakfast and coffee out – Publix subs for lunch, some outdoor time and more Publix for his lunch tomorrow. Relaxing weekend while to save up for camping next weekend. Next weekend is camping with the ponies!

Procured subs and went to the park. Ducks joined us for lunch but wandered away when I wouldn’t share. short walk by the river but it was too hot to stay long. and the river was too murky to play in it. back to publix for lunch for tomorrow. crazy rain delays leaving for a while because not having ac in the car makes summer storms fog up the car so bad it’s undriveable. went to office depot, whose roof was leaking all over the merchandise. it was sad. rain stopped so we headed home. stopped at an icky dq. I miss cherry hardshell topping.

now we’re home and it is time to shower and watch more brisco county.

tomorrow is other js actual birthday. he gets to be old now too.

Short Vacation


This past weekend we rented a car, packed up the demons and drove to MI for K’s wedding. Interesting ridiculous that happened along the way. 1) Flat tire the day before the wedding, which had to be taken in to get fixed the day of the wedding. 2) stripper pole on the party bus 3) got flashed by a groom’sman’s wife/girlfriend not sure 4) random hugs and weird handshakes by people i’ll never see again in the receiving line.  OK that may not be interesting or ridiculous, but still weird.

Friday: left at 5am, had dinner with parents @ 7pm.

Saturday: Nails at 11:30, rehearsal at 3:30, rehearsal dinner afterward, the top of my dress needs to be sewn closed before Matt’s wedding so my boob will stop falling out.

Sunday: Getting tire fixed, getting ready for wedding, wedding, pictures, more pictures, reception at fancy pants hotel, sleep

Monday: bunny food and beer purchasing, dinner with family, pictures of charlie chaplin building, slurpy stop, looking at old pictures with family

Tuesday: drive home

Wednesday: recovery.



I’m laying here in bed typing this on my phone, which in itself is a big indication of how lucky I am. but I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am lately. I don’t have a want for anything, really. maybe to see family more but nothing else I can think of.
I have a job that I don’t dread waking up for, I can pay my bills, and as of December first I have health insurance. I’ll be able to take time off work in may and June to go to Kris/Trent’s wedding then Matt/Marie’s and spend a little time with family. I live in a nice apartment and have healthy animals. We are comfortable with our lives and even spoiled. 75% of the year we are able to spend our weekends hiking in the mountains and stand 6500 miles above sea level looking out over NC, and parts of TN and VA.
We see things and explore places that few people are able to. Normal every day people don’t get to for various reason. Days where I’m standing in the sun, looking out over the ground thousands to feet below and unless someone is talking louder than is necessary, I feel like we’re the only people on the planet. Being able to sleep in until we really wake up, and then stay in bed just being make me feel the same way. Isolated and comfortable to just… be. Days when I can only feel lucky.

Holiday Musings


this revolt the last few years against happy holidays makes me want to punch people. Really? you’re going to get pissy over someone being nice to you? People are jerks the rest of the year and the month where they tone it down and actually try to be nice you’re going yo get cranky over which phrase comes out?
part of me wanted to dress the bunnies up like baby Jesus and an angel and put happy kwanza on ou X-mas cards. I didn’t. mostly because I respect that my religious family does celebrate the Christmas. I on the other hand don’t see much more than a fun family tradition that promotes being good to each other for a whole month. that and the whole giving presents thing gives me a reason to shop all I want without feeling bad cause I’m spending money on other people.
We’re not religious. We just aren’t. But I appreciate family and love when everyone is packed in the house stumbling over each other. I will take whatever happy greeting I can get. I will respect that not everyone under the sun celebrates Xmas – even in my area there are a lot of people who don’t. When I say goodbye on the phone at work the most you’re getting out of me is to have a good day.

I found this link today that seems to be comparable: Christmas

Holiday Cards will be mailed soon.

Xmas tree pictures!


Adventures in Pumpkin Pie


Note to self: When making pie using the recipe off the large 29oz can of Libby’s Pure Pumpkin , it does not make just two pies like the can says… it makes two pies AND whatever you have left to put the rest of the pumpkin pie filling in. In MY case, it makes two pies and a makeshift graham cracker crust in a 7×7 glass baking dish i didnt remember we had.

Maybe i just didnt have the right size pie crusts, the Libby’s can said deep dish. Pumpkin Pie

In other news…
I woke up too early this morning, told OtherJ that it was in fact too early to be awake on a day when you don’t have any alarms, and rolled over and went back to sleep. When I woke up again… I had coffee and the smell of cinnamon rolls. mmmmm I’m a very lucky girl.

To do list for the remainder of the day:
Turkey Subs, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes and Eating above pies…. OH and watching Mythbusters’ marathon all day.



As I’m sure you’ve seen I’m looking for addresses to send various things to… Xmas cards, pictures… it also means i can update my list of addresses so that I don’t have to ask for them again should I need to send something.

Either – facebook or email or ya know that other email i have