Other J Birthday Weekend


Yesterday, lazy morning and mad dash cleaning last night. pulled out the brisco county jr series set and we were good for the night.
This morning – breakfast and coffee out – Publix subs for lunch, some outdoor time and more Publix for his lunch tomorrow. Relaxing weekend while to save up for camping next weekend. Next weekend is camping with the ponies!

Procured subs and went to the park. Ducks joined us for lunch but wandered away when I wouldn’t share. short walk by the river but it was too hot to stay long. and the river was too murky to play in it. back to publix for lunch for tomorrow. crazy rain delays leaving for a while because not having ac in the car makes summer storms fog up the car so bad it’s undriveable. went to office depot, whose roof was leaking all over the merchandise. it was sad. rain stopped so we headed home. stopped at an icky dq. I miss cherry hardshell topping.

now we’re home and it is time to shower and watch more brisco county.

tomorrow is other js actual birthday. he gets to be old now too.

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