New Year



List of things I would like to do this year.
Cook more, like really cook, not just make something. Maybe actually create something.
Go on a vacation. We’re going to LV for a wedding and I would love to make it a full vacation. Grand Canyon and all. (I will need a bunny sitter for a week this summer)
Buy some real adult furniture – a couch, some nightstands and some bookshelfs
Save up for a new car – I think mine is on its last legs.
Rearrange the living room
Go visit my grandparents
Go to the beer/wine/art gallery down town and find new things to drink. -it’s within walking distance 🙂
Camp on the beach again maybe when it’s warm enough to swim.
Enjoy hiking more, even when the up part is killing me.
Find a way to not let the up parts kill me
Wear my hat

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