Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-02

  • @Zappos_Service Ahh the trendy emotional music of my highschool years. I do not miss you. #
  • Fable, i hate you and your lack of maps. #
  • Fishy bathroom stink makes me sad. #
  • Dear dumb people who post bad reviews on products but its really about amazon service… you are stupid, i hate you. #
  • pajama jeans? really? maybe its a good thing i dont see day time commericals, i'd never stop laughing. #
  • Oops usps closes early today better get down there #
  • Kohls returns is surprisingly organised. #
  • Mission returns was a success? Though lady with squeeling cart made me take my credit and shop another time. #
  • i should probably do some chores or something. #
  • Crazy long finger nails on a man in the 80s = how to tell a guy is the villian #
  • @MotorCityVicki??????? #
  • mmm pierogi .. apple strawberry and chicken onion green bean or cheese potato onion green bean #
  • Recipes? Add them here for me… #

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