Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • @MotorCityVicki jobs help with the moving parts. Then you *have to* go. Where is this place now? #
  • @MotorCityVicki we really liked Philly when we were there at Thanksgiving. That would be my next destination if we had to look again. #
  • in the waiting room. The carrier seems excessive for just one of them. Maybe we'll use the other one next time. #
  • Finishing up work things any hoping to get out early. #
  • dear , I am upset because i paid for overnight shipping and the ups website now says that you sent it ground šŸ˜¦ i wanted it tmrw. #
  • dear ups did your driver run out of door sticky things, I did not get one all this week for my missed packagers, one was almost sent back šŸ˜¦ #
  • I am pretty happy that the rest of my packages got to their destinations on time. Next year the goal is to be done shopping in August. #
  • oh and ups ? Really two weeks for a ground package? REALLY? I was supposed to be sent overnight in the first place.. wtf #
  • Thank you amazon for refunding your late package… however it is still late and i am still bummed. #
  • I am a Shaker of presents and squisher of boxes. #
  • my life is awesome #
  • yes he is! Thank you @jephjacques and @photosandtext #
  • Goal for tonight? Wear as many new Xmas clothes as possible. I have a shirt, a sweater, socks and jammie pants. #

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