catching up


I’ve had a few ideas for posts rattling around in my head.

    video games, how some people are better off not commenting on a community that they really have no connection to or interest in in the long run
    holidays in general
    our vacation/ thanksgiving
    gradschool (yeah i know i’ve mentioned it a million times)
    work ( in theory, not specifically)
    small children

Some of them are still rattling and some have wandered away… today will be about lists, because those are nice and organized and don’t require a ton of thought to make them sound like anything more than just a list.

    Things I did this past week:
    Toured a the first penitentiary
    Walked around Philadelphia and ate a cheese stake
    Drove through Valley Forge
    Ate tons of yummy food/beer
    Met OtherJ’s friends M&M
    Met OtherJ’s brother/sister-in-law/niece
    Had yummy thanksgiving dinner
    Took a picture of the Washington Monument from a moving vehicle
    Only worried a little bit about work
    Was told my degree was not recognized for the grad program I was considering.
    Realized that eating out with friends and family all the time would make me all sorts of fat…
    gained 7-10 lbs over vacation and should really start working out again.

It was a busy week, but the least busy vacation we’ve ever taken. We had a great time.

    Things to get done by the end of the year:
    Put up holiday decorations
    Take Pictures of Bunnies for holiday cards
    Get xmas presents
    find/use the gym
    Clean the house – for reals
    rearrange living room/maybe a little maybe a lot
    look for new bed and new couch.

Those are mostly just the practical bits… there are some personal artsy bits I want to get done by the end of the year, but those are a little more fluid and will need a little more will power:

    get prints made of OtherJ’s photos, organize into note card sets (sell on etsy?)
    Paint something pretty

Maybe I’ll do another this soon…those seem to work out pretty well.

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