Day 24: Discuss a spontaneous moment in your life that that turned out to be fantastic.


Lots of spontaneous moments turn out fantastic… More often than not in my personal experiences.

Traveling far from home for ice cream. Playing on the playground in the middle of the night.

I have two tattoos and a piercing that were spontaneous. They are some of my favorite body adornments. I went in to buy jewelry or was just driving by in a mood.. and WHAM… new holes. This certainly did not please the people I was dating at the time, but it is possible that this was part of the point and the excitement.

Driving to Kroger at 6 am for donuts in a geometro hatchback, three deep in the front seat.

Surprise visits to family when we realized we had a little extra vacation time.

I’m probably forgetting more recent spontaneous adventures.

I’m a bit of a control freak over important aspects of my life, some things are planned out even if only enough to make sure we don’t die. I don’t drink out in random places with people I don’t know. I did that once and it never happened again.  I plan my hiking experiences so that I will not be stranded out in the middle of nowhere and get eaten by a bear or fall of a cliff in the middle of the night. And because of work and now school I take my time seriously. I am also really boring now. Yes that makes me sound a bit old, but I love to be lazy and do nothing. Most of the time I would rather spend the day watching movies or star trek.

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