Day 23: Describe a truly spiritual moment in your life.


I’m starting to think I picked a list off a religious website or something. I’m not liking some of these questions and their implications.


1. of, pertaining to, or consisting of spirit; incorporeal.
2. of or pertaining to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature: a spiritual approach to life.
3. closely akin in interests, attitude, outlook, etc.: the professor’s spiritual heir in linguistics.
4. of or pertaining to spirits or to spiritualists; supernatural or spiritualistic.
5. characterized by or suggesting predominance of the spirit; ethereal or delicately refined: She is more of a spiritual type than her rowdy brother.

I cannot say that I have experienced any one of these definitions. I do not really believe in the majority of these definitions. The 3rd one would have to be the one that I can most identify. I would have to say that my husband and I are nearly the same person and we certainly seem to share a brain most of the time. Some people might find this sad or lacking in some vital aspect of humanity. I do not feel lacking or damaged. I feel like this is just not an experience that I will have. That is ok.

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