Day 18: Someone you met randomly that’s made an impact on your life.


I do not think I have a tenancy to meat people randomly. I am not social, I don’t make small talk, I find it more of an effort to speak with people who do not have the potential to be in my life more than momentarily. (Strangers that I won’t see for more than a day.) I’m trying to think of a time where someone random has done anything that might have made an impact, either seeing it or hearing it or something just passing by even if I have not met them personally.

Last year at PAXEast, we went to a pannel of speakers (we actually went to bunch of them but this one sticks out) where Jeff Greene or Ken Levine said something that still sticks out to me.

… I should give  some context. I have grown up playing video games. I had an NES when I was young. I had computer games after that. Though they have not always been a huge part of my life, they were always around. In college I would watch my roomate, her boyfriend and the neighbors play a all the time. I would watch exes play. My husband plays. I am comfortable in the culture even though I do not play often myself. I am not very good, controlling the camera while walking confuses me. We listen to podcasts about video games and other nerdy things.  The gaming industry is my celebrity, but they tend to be smarter.

People do not understand games, but at one point they didn’t understand movies or tv or cars or whatever… No everyone understands art or literature. That is ok… games are not childish… but I understand if you were introduced to them when only children were playing them. Just look at how they have evolved… really…Its another medium of story telling.

AND NOW I can’t remember the exact quote but it was something along the lines of ‘there will always be someone old who does not get video games. someone who didn’t grow up with them as part of the culture. and someday they will all be dead.’

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