Day 19: Something that shook your belief system to its core (a big disappointment in your life).


The way this question was written gives me a religious connotation. I do not think I have such an experience. Religion was never forced or really a big deal in my family growing up. I went to church with my grandmother off and on until  I was 11 or 12. I went to church on special occasions & vacation bible school with my cousins. I studied with my Jehovahs Witness friend when I was 9 or so for a couple weeks. It was an interesting experience and she was wiling to talk to me about things I didn’t understand. Growing up my mom had books about health crystals and herbs around the house. I don’t ever remember being forced to think anything. I liked going to church to play and sing with my friends (all of these girls turned out to be mostly crazy when we got into highschool together.)

I have never had a deep seated belief in religion. I never got caught up on the spirit. I’ve tried pagan religions, and as with christian ones I never felt any real connection. Everyone seems to feel a spirit or a sense of warm fuzzies… I have never felt any of that, no matter how much I tried because it was a community I liked.  So what fills me with awe and excitement… just the world around us… I don’t need a greater being behind it or more of a meaning. Life and the world are brilliant all on their own.

Something that shakes my beliefs to their core? Alternate realities… or the fact we may not exist.. Imagine hearing this as a 10 year old…

On a time line there is the past the present and the future. The past doesn’t physically exist anymore because it has already happened, and the future doesn’t really exist because it hasn’t happened yet. So that leaves the present… but but the time the images and sounds reach your brain from your eyes and ears and other senses, they are the past…. so does the present exist.

Seriously Dad, WTF?

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